Following Footsteps

April 9, 2019
Law enforcement is a calling and sometimes following in
one’s footsteps.
Oftentimes family traditions are carried out for generations
and the Levy County Sheriff’s Office is family and we have our own traditions.
Our family is not unique but we do have the best traditions.
Telecommunicator Edna Fuller (911 dispatcher) began her
career with the LCSO on February 19, 1990. She has answered almost every type
of call imaginable during her career. In addition to being the most tenured in
the Telecommunications Division she is also a sworn deputy sheriff. Edna
elected to be the “calm voice in the night,” and help our citizens in crisis by
ensuring the right resources were sent to the people in need. 
Edna retired from the LCSO on November 20, 2014 with all of
the fanfare one could imagine to honor her esteemed career. Edna spent her
short lived retirement days with her grandchildren and enjoying her favorite
past-time, fishing. But, how much fishing can one lady do? About a year and a
half and then she came back to work. She rejoined the Communications Division
on February 1, 2016 in a part time status doing what she loved for so many
years, answering the calls for those in need.
Edna didn’t just return empty handed, she had fostered the
love for telecommunications within her own family. We are certain had a big
hand in directing her own granddaughter, Samantha Gilliard, into joining the
LCSO team.
Samantha joined the LCSO Telecommunications Division on
August 31, 2015. Samantha is currently assigned to the Alpha shift nights. She
too is “the calm voice in the night,” and has excelled in this position following
her grandmother’s footprints. 
Telecommunications Division Supervisor Donna Capps had the
following to say about her experiences with Edna and Samantha:
“I have worked with Edna Fuller since 1995 and I admired her
knowledge and passion for this career. I recall watching her perform her duties
as a Telecommunicator and witnessed her quickly switch roles no matter the need
of the caller.
Mrs. Capps continued by saying, “Over the years of working
together, I’ve listened to stories about her family. Soon, her family became a
familiar part of our Sheriff’s Office family; it felt as though they were an
extension of our family as well.  They
cooked family dinners on holidays, but also remembered their family members at
the Sheriff’s Office, often delivering meals to the telecommunicators who were
on duty during the holiday times. 
“I recall Edna telling us stories about their family
gatherings, and one particular granddaughter taking interest in our work. She
would tell us how she was constantly questioned about what she did at work.  In 2015 I finally met this granddaughter,
Samantha Gilliard.”
Samantha had recently moved from Georgia to be closer to her
mother and grandmother, Edna.  Soon
Samantha became a part of our work family and it was apparent she was “A chip
off of the old block”.  Her passion and
deep commitment to the Levy County Citizens was immediately evident and undeniable.
Both of these ladies share this same trait.
Sheriff McCallum said we at the Sheriff’s Office and most
importantly our citizens have been and continue to be blessed by the
dedication, work ethic and caring attitude of these two wonderful employees.
Thank you to this grandmother and granddaughter team for the exceptional job
you both do each and every day.

Child Sexual Molester Arrest

April 2, 2019
The Levy County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation
Division Detective Justin VanDuren responded to a report of a sexual battery.
The mother of the victim told Detective VanDuren her child disclosed that
Richard Uliano (12-6-78) from Bronson had sexually molested her. Beginning at
the end of the school year in 2018 and into the summer the victim reported
Uliano, who had custodial responsibilities for the child, on three separate occasions
forced her to watch and/or perform sexual acts on him.
Detective VanDuren located and arrested Uliano on March 29,
2019 after obtaining information from him that validated the victim’s
statements. Uliano was booked in to the Levy County Detention Facility and
charged with three offenses; sexual battery by a custodian, lewd and lascivious
molestation and lewd and lascivious exhibition. Uliano is being held in lieu of
a $300,000.00 bond.

Trial Wins for Levy County

Paul Urquhart

Brian Stokes

Nathan Nixon

April 2, 2019
The week of March 25, 2019 was a busy week for the courts in
Levy County. The 8th Judicial State Attorney’s Office in Bronson
presented several cases for trial during this week. Monday March 25th
found our courthouse filled with potential jurors. The juries were selected and
the end result was three wins for the victims of Levy County.
On Tuesday, March 26, 2019 Assistant State Attorney Frank
Slavichak presented his case during the two day trail. Paul Urquhart (12-6-69)
from Williston was charged with burglary after a lengthy investigation
conducted by the LCSO Criminal Investigations Division. The jury returned a
guilty verdict. Sentencing on this conviction is pending. Urquhart is currently
serving a sentence of 16 years in the Florida Department of Corrections for a
previous burglary conviction. 
On Thursday, March 28, 2019 Assistant State Attorney Darla
Whistler presented her case during a one day trial. Brian Stokes (8-7-78) from
Chiefland was accused of selling cocaine to an undercover informant in a case
made by DTF Detective Matt Poppel. Mrs. Whistler prevailed and a guilty verdict
was delivered. Stokes, who has been sentenced to the Florida Department of
Corrections on four different occasions, could be sentenced to up to 30 years.
His sentencing was postponed because he still has another open and pending drug
sales case.
On Friday, March 29, 2019 Assistant State Attorney Glenn
Bryan presented his case during a one day trial. Nathan Nixon (10-27-61) from
Williston was accused of capital sexual battery on a juvenile victim in 2003 which
was originally investigated by Captain Chuck Bastak (Ret.). Nixon fled to
Mexico after learning of this investigation, but was captured and returned to
the United States. Follow up investigations were conducted by Sergeant Mike
Narayan when Nixon was returned to Levy County. The jury returned a guilty
verdict on three counts of lewd and lascivious battery on a child. Nixon could
be facing up to 90 years in the Florida Department of Corrections and will be
designated a sexual offender. His sentencing is scheduled for May.

The Charges Keep Stacking Up

March 22, 2019
Courtney Harvey (11-19-88), a career violent felon from
Williston, was arrested by Drug Task Force Detective Rob Bowers on November 30,
2018 after a lengthy investigation. Harvey was charged with a variety of crimes
ranging from battery to drug trafficking. He has been held in the Levy County
Detention Facility since this arrest.
Yesterday more charges were filed on Harvey after an
examination of drugs seized during the investigation prior to his November
arrest were received by the LCSO. Detective Rob Bowers added twelve (12) more
drug related charges including possession with the intent to distribute
fentanyl, possession with the intent to distribute cocaine, sale of cocaine,
sale of fentanyl and use of a two way communication device during the
commission of a felony. 
Street level drug sales investigations are difficult to
conduct. In the case involving Harvey, Detectives suspected he was selling
heroin. Detectives discovered on two instances he actually sold drugs that were
a mixture of cocaine and fentanyl. On a third occasion he sold pure fentanyl.
Fentanyl is the drug that has been linked to multiple
overdose deaths across the nation and has harmed many first responders who
inadvertently came into contact with this substance. Deputies in Levy County
now carry Narcan, which is used to counteract the deadly effects of this drug,
both for victims and ourselves. 
An additional $530,000.00 in bonds has been levied against
Harvey bringing his total bond to 1.29 million dollars.

Traffic Crash Involving a School Bus

March 21, 2019
LCSO Deputies and the Florida Highway Patrol are on the
scene of a traffic crash involving a Levy County school bus at the intersection
of SR 24 and NE 99th Place in Bronson. No students aboard bus 0984 report
being injured but are being checked by Emergency Medical Services as a
precaution. Deputies reported a pickup truck rear ended the bus at this
intersection. The driver of the truck sustained minor injuries.
Parents do not respond to the crash scene. Parents will be
contacted by the Levy County School Board at the number listed in your child’s emergency
contact information filed with their school. The students aboard the damaged
bus will be transferred to another bus which will take them to their drop off
locations. All students aboard bus 0984 will be arriving to their drop off
locations late.