2019 Crab Fest Traffic Advisory

April 22, 2019
Citizens are
reminded this coming weekend; Friday, April 26, 2019 and Saturday, April 27,
2019 is East Williston’s annual Crab Fest. Citizens and motorist are reminded
traffic patterns will be altered on CR 318 during the event. Motorists should
expect heavy traffic in and around CR 318 and US Hwy Alt 27.
The event will
be beginning Friday evening and will continue into Saturday with the primary
event starting at approximately 2 pm. Motorists not planning on attending this
event should avoid the area if possible. There will be a heavy presence of law
enforcement in the area and motorists are urged to use caution and follow all
traffic laws. Travel safe.

Run away from the carnival? Sounds counter intuitive doesn’t it?

April 12, 2019
Career carnival worker Justin F. Benoit (12-17-78) who lists
an address in Spring Hill, used his powers of influence to coerce a 16 year old
to run away from the carnival life with him. Benoit created an elaborate plan
that he put it into action just prior to Christmas of 2018. He convinced the
under aged daughter of another carnival worker to flee from a Palm Beach County
carnival location and meet with him in central Florida. From there they
traveled to Levy County where they hid for approximately two weeks.
Benoit plied the young lady with alcohol and when she became
intoxicated, he took advantage of her. Benoit was ousted by the child’s
parent’s persistent efforts to locate their daughter they flooded social media
pages Benoit frequented with flyers picturing their missing daughter. Benoit
was confronted and fled, leaving the child behind. 
Osceola County Detectives contacted Levy County Detectives
when their case identified the location in Levy County where Benoit had been
hiding. Levy County Detectives met the child victim who had been reunited with
her parents and took her statement. She described being coerced into consuming
alcohol to the point of being ill, and engaging in sexual activity with the
Levy County Detectives obtained a warrant for Benoit’s
arrest charging him with three counts of sexual battery on a minor,
interference with child custody and contributing to the delinquency with a
minor. His bond was set at $250,000.00.
Levy County Detectives learned Benoit had fled to Pasco
County and contacted the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office Warrants Division. Their
Warrants Detectives located and arrested Benoit. Benoit has since been
transferred to Levy County where he will remain in custody until his trial

Morriston Man Arrested for Possession of Child Pornography

April 12, 2019
On 4/10/2019 at
approximately 0800 hours Levy County Detectives served a search warrant at the residence
located at 14850 SE 28th Street in Morriston, Florida. This warrant was based
on a tip sent to the Cyber Tipline and received by the National Center for
Missing and Exploited Children and the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC)
Unit. Jeffrey E. Lutz (5/30/1964) was located inside by Detectives and said he
was the sole occupant of the home. The tip forwarded to the LCSO Criminal Investigations
Division was for child pornography which was either possessed, manufactured or
distributed and was associated with 16 cyber tips directly linked to the
Internet Protocol address designated to this residential address.
LCSO Detectives received
assistance from the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office Cyber Unit who were able to
confirm Lutz’s personal computer contained images of child pornography. During
a subsequent interview with Lutz, he confessed to seeking out, downloading and
distributing sexually explicit images of children.
Lutz has been arrested
and charged with nine counts of possession of obscene material. He is being
held in the Levy County Detention Bureau in lieu of a $450,000.00 bond.

Williston Woman Arrested for Stabbing

April 9, 2019
Levy County Deputies responded to the home located at 16031 NE 2nd Place in Williston to a 911 call. The caller stated Anna Gonzalez
(7-14-91) attacked her brother with a knife and in the caller’s attempt to
intervene, she was stabbed. This victim told 911 operators that Gonzalez was
going crazy and acting irrational as she was coming down after recently abusing
Deputies arrived to find blood in the kitchen area of the
home and the victim bleeding from a knife wound on her hand. Anna Gonzalez was
located in the home and threatened deputies when they told her she was being
arrested. Gonzalez fought with deputies, kicking and hitting them as she was
being taken into custody.
Gonzalez has been charged with aggravated battery,
aggravated assault, two counts of battery on a law enforcement officer and
resisting arrest with violence. She was transported to the Levy County
Detention Bureau and is in custody awaiting her first appearance.

Following Footsteps

April 9, 2019
Law enforcement is a calling and sometimes following in
one’s footsteps.
Oftentimes family traditions are carried out for generations
and the Levy County Sheriff’s Office is family and we have our own traditions.
Our family is not unique but we do have the best traditions.
Telecommunicator Edna Fuller (911 dispatcher) began her
career with the LCSO on February 19, 1990. She has answered almost every type
of call imaginable during her career. In addition to being the most tenured in
the Telecommunications Division she is also a sworn deputy sheriff. Edna
elected to be the “calm voice in the night,” and help our citizens in crisis by
ensuring the right resources were sent to the people in need. 
Edna retired from the LCSO on November 20, 2014 with all of
the fanfare one could imagine to honor her esteemed career. Edna spent her
short lived retirement days with her grandchildren and enjoying her favorite
past-time, fishing. But, how much fishing can one lady do? About a year and a
half and then she came back to work. She rejoined the Communications Division
on February 1, 2016 in a part time status doing what she loved for so many
years, answering the calls for those in need.
Edna didn’t just return empty handed, she had fostered the
love for telecommunications within her own family. We are certain had a big
hand in directing her own granddaughter, Samantha Gilliard, into joining the
LCSO team.
Samantha joined the LCSO Telecommunications Division on
August 31, 2015. Samantha is currently assigned to the Alpha shift nights. She
too is “the calm voice in the night,” and has excelled in this position following
her grandmother’s footprints. 
Telecommunications Division Supervisor Donna Capps had the
following to say about her experiences with Edna and Samantha:
“I have worked with Edna Fuller since 1995 and I admired her
knowledge and passion for this career. I recall watching her perform her duties
as a Telecommunicator and witnessed her quickly switch roles no matter the need
of the caller.
Mrs. Capps continued by saying, “Over the years of working
together, I’ve listened to stories about her family. Soon, her family became a
familiar part of our Sheriff’s Office family; it felt as though they were an
extension of our family as well.  They
cooked family dinners on holidays, but also remembered their family members at
the Sheriff’s Office, often delivering meals to the telecommunicators who were
on duty during the holiday times. 
“I recall Edna telling us stories about their family
gatherings, and one particular granddaughter taking interest in our work. She
would tell us how she was constantly questioned about what she did at work.  In 2015 I finally met this granddaughter,
Samantha Gilliard.”
Samantha had recently moved from Georgia to be closer to her
mother and grandmother, Edna.  Soon
Samantha became a part of our work family and it was apparent she was “A chip
off of the old block”.  Her passion and
deep commitment to the Levy County Citizens was immediately evident and undeniable.
Both of these ladies share this same trait.
Sheriff McCallum said we at the Sheriff’s Office and most
importantly our citizens have been and continue to be blessed by the
dedication, work ethic and caring attitude of these two wonderful employees.
Thank you to this grandmother and granddaughter team for the exceptional job
you both do each and every day.