Patrol Division

Lt. Jimmy Anderson

The Levy County Patrol Division has grown over the past 30 years. Initially in 1980, the Patrol Division had a total of 9 deputies that covered the entire 1,103 square miles of Levy County while working complaints and serving civil papers. There was no 24-hour coverage. Believe it or not after 2:00 am everyone was “on call.”

In 1984 the Patrol Commander placed one deputy on the midnight shift to cover the whole county. Due to the population growth in Levy County in the last few years, our Patrol Division has grown dramatically.

Presently our Deputies work 12 hour shifts. Deputy’s shifts rotate every three months with every other weekend having Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. All of the Deputies have take-home cars under the Indianapolis Plan. Starting Salary for Deputies is approximately $34,000.

K-9 Unit

The duties of a K9 officer depend on the type of dog with which the officer is paired. He is first and foremost an officer whose task is to ensure the safety of the community. The K-9 Unit employs some of the bravest and hardest working members of the Levy County Sheriff’s Office.

These dogs come to work every day with their handlers and ride a twelve-hour shift just like the rest of our patrol deputies. They endure many dangers that could cause them injury or death, but they never hesitate to serve and protect when called upon. The canine section utilizes highly trained dogs which were imported from Germany and receive monthly training in narcotics detection and patrol work. The K-9 unit maintains a full plate of activities from drug detection to criminal apprehension.

Marine Unit

The Levy County Sheriff’s Office Marine Unit is a specialized unit that assists in missing/lost person(s) cases related to water incidents. Through the use of their specialized equipment, this Unit can assist in search and rescue. The Marine Unit is utilized as well during cases of natural disasters, where the preservation of life and property take precedence.

Criminal Investigations Division (CID)

Lt. Mike Narayan

This Division includes the Criminal Investigations Unit, Evidence and Crime Scene Investigations Unit and the Drug Task Force Unit.

Criminal Investigations Unit

The CID Unit has not only the responsibility and task to investigate assigned felony cases to include murder, rape, robbery, fraud, and burglaries, but also the unusual or unique situation or crime, to include accidental deaths, plane crashes, etc.  Associations with ROCIC – Regional Organized Crime Information Center and the Florida Intelligence Unit enables Levy County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Unit to be up to date at the cutting edge of criminal activity in the State of Florida and Levy County.

Crime Scene Investigations and Evidence Unit

The primary responsibility of this unit is to respond to a full range of crimes and process each crime scene in order to locate and preserve evidence using their special knowledge and skills to complete a detailed report in an effort to assist law enforcement in obtaining probable cause for the arrest of suspects, and assist prosecutors in presenting evidence that could aid in obtaining a conviction at trial. The deputies in this unit have advanced training in the most current scientific and practical crime scene applications of evidence collection and crime scene techniques.

Drug Task Force (DTF) Unit

The mission of the members of this Unit is to contribute 100% of their time to the investigations of narcotics within Levy County. These investigators work closely with other divisions of the Levy County Sheriff’s Office and surrounding jurisdictions to maintain the latest intelligence information in order to prevent, control, and reduce the manufacturing, importation, and distribution of controlled substance within Levy County. The most effective weapon this Unit has is the information received from the “concerned citizens” of our County.

Civil Division

Lt. Todd Polo

The duties of the Civil Division include execution of all civil and criminal processes within the limits of Levy County, Florida. Civil also provides a Bailiff for court hearings and maintains courtroom propriety and protocol providing protection to citizens, judges, and jurors during trials and hearings. The Civil Division also provides courthouse security (Levy County Courthouse) Judicial Wing.

For questions concerning the above, and/or process fees and levy deposits, contact the Civil Division office located at 355 South Court Street, Room 164, Levy County Courthouse, Bronson, Florida 32621. Phone contact: 352-486-5206 / 5207. Office hours are from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday with exception of recognized holidays.

Community Relations Division (CRD)

Lt. Max Long

The CRD Division’s responsibilities include promoting a mutually respectful working relationship between law enforcement and the citizens of our county through a wide variety of services such as: Crime Prevention Services, Neighborhood Watch Programs, Teen Driver Improvement Program and the Realities of Driving Program. In response to the ever changing potential threats to our schools from within and abroad, the Levy County Sheriff’s Office CRD has taken a proactive role in the security of our schools and students by developing, instituting, and updating the school security response plans.

Within in the CRD Division is the School Resource Officers (SRO) unit who work in partnership with the School Board of Levy County. This unit is comprised of deputies who are individually assigned to one or more schools. Their duties are primarily within the Levy County School System. The SRO unit provides law enforcement services, security, educational opportunities, counseling and mentoring.

The Levy County Sheriff’s Office and the CRD Division are very proud to have sponsored for over 20 years the yearly educational trip to Washington D.C. by the Levy County School Safety Patrol.

If you would like more information about the Community Relations Division or any of the programs and services that we provide, please contact the Levy County Sheriff’s Office, Community Relations Division at 352-486-5111 ext. 275.

Agriculture Unit

The Agricultural Crimes Unit responsibilities include acting as a liaison between the agricultural community and the Sheriff’s Office. The Deputies of this unit patrol all agricultural areas, along with any other type of land that the Road Patrol Deputies cannot routinely patrol. Their responsibilities include responding to all routine and emergency calls within Levy County including agricultural related crimes involving the timber industry, nurseries, livestock, and environmental related complaints to include illegal dumpsites, toxic chemical, and waste hazards Agricultural Unit Deputies work closely with the Levy County Animal Control Services on livestock and animal related issues. This Unit is also responsible for the investigation of the livestock and animals theft, abuse and cruelty.

Ag Watch Enrollment

Citizens On Patrol

Citizens On Patrol – C.O.P. volunteers are everyday citizens from all walks of life that contribute their time, energy, experience, and expertise to assist the Levy County Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of Levy County. C.O.P. uses well-trained, uniformed volunteers to assist the Sheriff’s Office in nonviolent, non-confrontational activities, thus allowing Deputies to focus on more urgent issues.  With this program, citizens do not have to sit idly by growing more and more concerned about the crime in our communities. Now citizens can get proactively involved and make a difference by volunteering their time to assist the Sheriff’s Office with duties which are necessary services but which do not require the attention of a certified Law Enforcement Officer.  Contact Lt. Max Long regarding COPs program application, MLong@levyso.com, 352.486.5111