Deputies Arrest Felon with Illegal Firearms

January 24, 2024

The LCSO receives frequent complaints from citizens of individuals recklessly riding ATV’s and dirt bikes in the Bronson area behind the racetrack. Deputies often patrol these areas and when they do spot these riders, the riders most often flee.

On January 19, 2024 Deputy Justin Arters and Deputy Patrick Lockett were patrolling this area and spotted a subject driving a four wheeler on NE 105 Avenue that was closely following a car. Unregistered ATV’s and dirt bikes are not authorized for use on public road or right-of-ways in Levy County. Deputy Arters attempted to stop the rider who, as expected, fled from him. This did not deter Deputy Arters and a short pursuit began.

Deputy Arters was able to keep pace with the fleeing ATV operator who threw a bag he was carrying then “ditched” then ATV in the woods and fled on foot. Deputy Arters along with Deputy Lockett gave chase and was able to quickly apprehend the fleeing subject. The subject was identified as Michael G. Hernandez (2/5/81) of Bronson.  

Hernandez has amassed 8 arrests in Levy County since 2015 and is well known to Levy County law enforcement. He is a multiple time convicted felon with a history of violence and is a convicted sexual offender. The discarded bag was collected and searched. It contained three loaded guns with extra ammunition and drugs.

Hernandez was taken to the Levy County Detention Center and has been charged with multiple counts of possession of firearms by a convicted felon, resisting arrest as well as several traffic violations. He is being held on a $405,000.00 bond.