Williston Man Arrested for Violation of Domestic Violence Orders

February 9, 2024

Daniel James Gaynor (9/16/88) of Williston was arrested by the Levy County Sheriff’s Office on January 10th for domestic violence. He posted bond on the 11th and was given an order by the Judge to have no contact with the victim until further notice.

Gaynor violated the Judge’s order and contacted the victim on the day he was released. This violation prompted a report to the court and his bond was revoked. LCSO deputies began looking for Gaynor to take him back into custody as the court order specified. Multiple attempts to locate and take him into custody were made, but he was able to elude apprehension. Meanwhile, Gaynor continued to violate the order by contacting the victim via several social media platforms.

On February 7th deputies responded to the victim’s home after receiving a 911 call at 11:00 p.m. that Gaynor was reported inside the home while the victim slept. Gaynor was found standing over the victim and was confronted by the victim’s father. Gaynor battered the father and fled the scene.

Deputies located Gaynor on the 9th in the Williston area during a traffic stop. He offered no resistance and was taken into custody. He is currently charged with multiple counts of violating the court order as well as burglary with a battery. The additional charge of possession of cocaine was added when detention officers found he had cocaine secreted on his body during booking. Gaynor will be held on a $200,000.00 bond until his next court appearance.