Man Wanted in Multiple Counties Arrested

On December 19, 2023 Levy County Sheriff’s received information that the violent wanted felon Wyatt Morgan Arnow (8/14/97) of Williston could be located at an address near Morriston. Arnow is very familiar to Levy County law enforcement as well as his violent history. Arnow was wanted in Levy County, Alachua County and Citrus County for multiple violent felonies, some which included the use of a firearm and for failing to appear in court. He was currently out on bond in these three counties.

Deputies believed Arnow would resist all attempts of apprehension and devised a plan. Arnow was under surveillance at this location which offered limited access and few escape routes. This allowed Deputies to block all routes of escape, or so they thought.

Detectives and Uniformed Patrol Deputies set a trap and waited. Arnow drove away from the location and was intercepted by Detectives. Arnow immediately fled in the vehicle he was driving when Detectives attempted to stop him.  A short vehicle pursuit ensued.

Arnow, whose escape was blocked by Patrol Deputies, turned onto a dead end road. He abruptly slammed on the brakes and fled from his vehicle on foot with Detectives in pursuit. Arnow found a Polaris SxS at a nearby property with a key in it, and used it in his attempt to escape. He was quickly pursued by nearby waiting Deputies and his escape was blocked. Arnow then used the Polaris to ram the blocking patrol vehicle before fleeing a second time on foot. Patrol Deputies immediately gave chase.

Arnow, in this attempt to evade capture, was shot with a Taser. He continued to fight with deputies although the Taser initially incapacitated him. Three deputies struggled with him until he was ultimately cuffed.

Arnow was booked into the Levy County Detention Center on 12/19/23 and held in custody with no bond on the warrants. On 12/27/23 additional charges were filed by Detectives based on the incident when he was taken into custody. He now faces the additional charges of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, fleeing and attempting to elude law enforcement, grand theft of a motor vehicle and other charges. His bond has been set at $835,000.00 for these charges.