Levy County Announces Boat Ramp Closures

April 19, 2024

Sheriff McCallum in cooperation with the Levy County Board of County Commissioners announces boat ramp closures due to rising water along the Suwannee River. Recent heavy rains in the counties north of ours that drain into the Suwannee River has caused our waterway to flood making the boat ramps unsafe and navigation dangerous due to floating debris. Boaters navigating in or around homes on the river are asked to observe a “no wake zone” to prevent damage to homes and docks.

The Levy County Department of Parks and Recreation will monitor the ramps and alert the commission when water levels have receded to safe levels. Barricades have been placed at the ramps and department supervisors ask our public not to remove them. Our commissioners have been advised that the Dixie County Board of County Commissioners have closed ramps along the Suwannee River in their county too.

The following ramps have been closed:

  • Clay Landing
  • Camp Azalea
  • Flowlers Bluff