Notable Criminal Case Resolutions

Bruce Edwin Cannon 9/9/58 of Bronson was arrested by Levy County Detectives on 7/18/23 for sexual battery of child between the age of 12-18 by familial or custodial authority.  Cannon entered a plea adjudicating him guilty of this crime on 4/8/24. Cannon was sentenced to 18 years in the Florida Department of Corrections and upon release will serve the remainder of his lifetime on sex offender probation.

Jerett Justus 6/6/89 of Morriston was arrested on 7/5/21 by Levy County Detectives for possession of a firearm by felon and second degree murder. On 7/5/21 Justus called 911 to report the suicide of his girlfriend. The investigation determined Justus shot her and staged the scene to make it appear to be a suicide. On 4/8/24 Justus entered a plea adjudicating him guilty and was sentenced to 25 years in the Florida Department of Corrections.

Sheriff McCallum expressed his gratitude for the excellent investigations and work done by deputies and detectives in these cases. “I am thankful also for our Victim Advocates who worked compassionately with the unfortunate victim and families in these cases.”

“These horrible cases are a reminder that violent crime and their life altering consequences will not be tolerated in Levy County. We will do everything possible to identify offenders, arrest them and build prosecutable cases to give some small semblance of justice to these victims, their families and to all victims,” said Sheriff McCallum.