Law Enforcement Memorial Service 2023

Today survivors, family, friends and the brave men and women of law enforcement gathered at Heritage Park in Williston to honor the memories of our own that made the ultimate sacrifice to the community of Williston and Levy County. Sheriff McCallum and Chief Rolls hosted the memorial service with special guest speakers Deputy Chief Clay Connelly (Ret.) and Gussie Boatwright.

Today was a day of remembrance, an opportunity to share stories and pay our respect to those who went before us and will NEVER be forgotten:

Levy County Deputy Atticus H. Ellzey                     EOW: January 28, 1945

Williston Police Corporal Davis W. Moss                EOW: July 30, 1988

Levy County Lieutenant Duane Dykstra                   EOW: September 26, 2020

Levy County Deputy Allen Breeding                         EOW: October 27, 2021

Former Levy County Sergeant Noel Ramirez            EOW: April 19, 2018