House Bill 385 “Safe Exchange of Minor Children”

The bill requires each sheriff to designate at least one parking lot at the sheriff’s office or a substation as an available safe exchange location. The purpose is to provide a place where parents may bring their minor child for purposes of exchanging the child to comply with court ordered timesharing.

The location at the Levy County Sheriff’s Office is marked and has a surveillance camera with recordings maintained for at least 45 days. The bill does not require the sheriff to actively monitor the location. Moreover, the bill provides that a sheriff and the sheriff’s employees are not civilly liable for an incident that may occur as the result of the exchange of a child at a safe exchange location. The bill is named the “Cassie Carli Law.” Cassie Carli is believed to have been kidnapped and murdered by the father of their daughter after meeting him for the purpose of timesharing.

Sheriff McCallum has designated the safe exchange location in the front parking lot at the LCSO main operations building at 9150 NE 80th Avenue in Bronson. This location is clearly marked with two signs and will have a purple light visible from CR 337 to aid parents in identifying the location.