Wanted Suspect Apprehended

July 11, 2024

Malik Hayes (5/31/2003) of Williston was wanted by three counties; Levy, Alachua and Marion for outstanding felony arrest warrants. Detectives have been attempting to arrest him since March, but he has always been able to elude capture; until Tuesday night.

Detectives received a tip that Hayes was at the Arbours Apartments in Williston and set up surveillance. Hayes was suspected to be in a white passenger car driven by a female associate. Detectives attempted to stop the car as it exited the apartment complex, but the driver did not immediately stop.  Instead the driver could be seen looking into the back seat as she veered closer to the shoulder of the road.

A detective used his vehicle to block in the white car, forcing it to a stop. Hayes immediately sat up in the back seat and dove over the seat intentionally forcing the driver’s foot down on the accelerator while shouting at her to, “go, go, go!” This caused her car to ram into the blocking law enforcement vehicle.

Hayes did not surrender peacefully but was taken into custody. Detectives located a loaded semi-automatic pistol with an extended capacity magazine in the door panel of the back seat where he had been seated. Hayes has been booked into the Levy County Detention Center and is charged with aggravated battery of a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest and a violation of a pretrial release condition for possession of the firearm. His bond is set at $125,000.00 for the aggravated battery and resisting charge and no bond has been assigned to the violation charge.

Hayes will be held in Levy County on these local charges then transported to Marion then Alachua to face justice in their counties.

A special recognition must be mentioned to the Williston Police Department for their participation in the apprehension of this dangerous felon.