Thursday, August 31st Noon Update – Levy County

Levy County is now moving into recovery and clean-up operations. Here are the following updates you need to know:

• The Levy County Landfill is open and has resumed normal operational hours.
• All emergency shelters have been closed.
• Local government offices will resume normal operations tomorrow 9/1/23.
• Levy County Schools will announce a re-opening date and time later today.
• The Mandatory Evacuation Order has been lifted.

Some low lying areas are still holding water. This water is not safe and could contain contaminants which will cause illness. Please do not wade through these standing pockets of water.

Do not drive through standing water. Sink holes are always a danger and/or the roadway could be washed out.
Operate generators in well ventilated areas. Do not plug the generator into your home unless specifically wired for this. Plug the appliance directly into the generator itself. Improper use of a generator could back-feed and cause downed lines to energize creating a deadly situation for our linesmen. Downed power lines must be avoided.

All Levy County boat ramps will remain closed today and tomorrow.

Essential supply PODS are deployed at the following locations: These locations have water and MRE’s available to those residents in need.

Cedar Key Community Center 809 6th St, Cedar Key
Rosewood Baptist Church 6331 SW 98th Terrace, Cedar Key
Otter Creek Town Hall 555 2nd Ave, Otter Creek
Gulf Hammock Fire Station 2851 SE County Rd 326, Inglis
Yankeetown Water Plant CR 40 Yankeetown

Entry onto the Island of Cedar Key is restricted to residents and business owners only. Individuals must present their re-entry pass. The City of Cedar Key is only accepting donations of meals ready-to-eat at this time. All other donations for these residents cannot be accepted today. The City is not ready to accept in-kind donations today.

Yankeetown has closed County Road 40 West and County Road C40A at School Craft Drive. Only residents of the Town of Yankeetown are being allowed entry and must present their re-entry pass. All others who need assistance in re-entry to Yankeetown can call City Hall at (352) 447-2511.

Levy County Rumor Control and damage reporting lines are open: (352) 486-5155 or (352) 486-5576.