Sexual Predator Public Address Notification

August 1, 2023


On July 27, 2023 Jeffrey Earl Lashley registered as a Sexual Predator with the Levy County Sheriff’s Office. By Florida law Lashley is required to notify law enforcement whenever he changes addresses.

Jeffrey Earl Lashley was convicted in 2004 for Sexual Battery in violation of Florida Statute 794.011 (5).  Lashley has registered his address as: 4955 SW CR 347, Cedar Key, Fl.

For a complete listing of all registered sexual predators and offenders residing in Levy County, or to search by zip code, please visit and go to the sexual offender data base.

Sexual Predator:

Jeffrey Earl Lashley

4955 SW CR 347

Cedar Key, Florida 32625


DOB: 9/11/1959

Bravo Day Shift Can Catch’em

John Daniels
Trevor Stewart

July 28, 2023

The LCSO Bravo Day Shift Patrol deputies would not be denied yesterday. If you ran from them, you were as good as caught.

Levy County opted out of the proposed bill many years ago which allowed individuals to operate unregistered motorized vehicles on the right of way. For example, you are not allowed to ride your ATV or UTV in the ditch or on the roadways of Levy County. This is in-fact a violation that you can be ticketed for, or if you decide to evade the deputy could result in you being arrested.

Yesterday morning Corporal Mike McNeil was called by another deputy who was responding to another call. Corporal McNeil was told that he just passed a male driving a moped on US Hwy 27 Alt. whom he believed to be Trevor Stewart. Stewart is known to flee from law enforcement and it is also known that he has a suspended license. Corporal McNeil located the subject around 9:00 and attempted to stop him on CR 335 near NE 69th Place. He failed to stop and began making evasive turns in an attempt to evade Corporal McNeil.

The male driver maxed out the moped at its top speed of 40 mph and was unable to out run Corporal McNeil. The driver pulled to the side of the road, laid the moped on its side and fled into the woods on foot. Deputies with the assistance of K-9 Behr tracked the suspect to an abandoned trailer before losing the trail.

A short time later a citizen contacted Corporal McNeil and told him “Trevor” ran into their home earlier and he was not welcome there. Corporal McNeil with additional deputies drove to this home and located Trevor Stewart (3/9/96) of Bronson hiding inside a closet. Although he was not wearing the same clothes and initially denied running from Corporal McNeil the investigation proved otherwise. Stewart was arrested for driving on a suspended license, fleeing and attempting to elude law enforcement and resisting arrest. He is currently being held in the Levy County Detention Center in lieu of a $60,000.00 bond.

Later this same morning Deputy Nelson Macias saw a person riding a red ATV on US 41 in Morriston. He attempted to stop the subject who decided to flee. Undaunted by this attempt to avoid apprehension, a chase ensued. Deputy Macias was able to overtake the fleeing subject who “blew up the motor” of the ATV. The suspect then fled into the woods on foot.

Deputies arrived to assist and established a perimeter. The fleeing suspect was apprehended a short time later while trying to cross a road. The subject, identified as John Joseph Daniels (6/15/78) of Williston was taken into custody and delivered to the Levy County Detention Center. He was charged with fleeing and attempting to elude a law enforcement officer, driving while license suspended and resisting arrest. His bond had been set at $113,500.00.

We appreciate all the citizen assistance we received in these cases. The LCSO will continue to work to keep our highways safe.

Open 911 Line Results in Large Drugs/Guns Seizure

July 25, 2023

On July 21, 2023 Levy County Deputies responded to a residence on SE 55th Street in Morriston to investigate an open line 911 call. 911 Operators could not hear any noises or sounds of distress. However, two weeks prior deputies responded to a domestic violence call at this same location. The suspect fled prior to law enforcements arrival and had not been apprehended.

Deputies arrived and saw a male standing on the front porch. The man immediately retreated inside the home. A Ford F-150 was parked in the driveway and the driver’s door was open. Plainly visible inside the truck were two handguns, cash and drugs. The registered owner of the truck was the same person suspected in the previous domestic violence call and the male seen fleeing inside the home matched the description of the domestic violence suspect.

Deputies and Drug Task Force members surrounded the home and called for the suspect to surrender. He did not and authority to enter the home to apprehend the suspect was granted by the homeowner. Deputies located the suspect, identified as John H. Chastain (10/11/88) of Morriston, hiding inside a closet. Chastain did not surrender peacefully and fought deputy’s attempts to handcuff him. Chastain was arrested for felony battery for the incident that occurred two weeks prior. He was also found to have 17.1 grams of Fentanyl in his pocket.

The truck was sealed with the visible contraband inside and towed to the Levy County Sheriff’s Office impound yard. A search warrant for this truck was obtained by LCSO Drug Task Force Detectives.

On July 24, 2023 Task Force Detectives executed the search warrant on the truck. Detectives recovered the two plainly visible guns, drugs and money. The search also led to the discovery of a third gun and more narcotics. In all, three guns, one having previously being reported stolen in Levy County on 3/9/23, 278.7 grams of Fentanyl (0.61 pounds), 580.1 grams of methamphetamines (1.27 pounds), 57.5 grams of powder cocaine, 20.8 grams of crack cocaine, 2.9 grams of MDMD ecstasy, 26.7 grams of marijuana, 5 packs of Fentanyl 12mcg/hr patches, oxycodone and $1,600 in US currency.  In the State of Florida possession of more than 400 grams of methamphetamines is considered a trafficking offense and is punishable as a Capital Felony with a potential life sentence and possession of Fentanyl in excess of 28 grams carries a minimum mandatory sentence of 25 years.

John Chastain is being held in the Levy County Detention Center and has been charged with a multitude of crimes. His bond is set at $3,810,000.00 dollars.

Drugs Smuggled into Jail Leads to New Charges


July 24, 2023

Deputies arrested Philip Roberts (8/27/65) of Gainesville during a traffic stop on July 19, 2023 after finding drugs in his possession. Jaime Fordham (10/12/95) of Bronson was a passenger in the vehicle with Roberts and too was arrested for tampering with evidence. Fordham attempted to conceal drugs and needles in the vehicle at the request of Roberts as they were being stopped.

Roberts was found in possession of cocaine and methamphetamines, as well as driving with a suspended license. He was transported to the Levy County Detention Center.

Fordham was also booked into the Levy County Detention Center and placed in a holding cell. Detention Officers noticed she was acting strange and began monitoring her. Each cell is monitored by video. Fordham was seen behaving abnormally and appeared to be attempting to “retrieve” contraband concealed on her body. Officers saw a small white packet fall to the ground that she immediately picked up and ate.

In the hours that followed her arrest Fordham exhibited symptoms of a person high on illegal narcotics. The investigation following this incident revealed Fordham had ingested Fentanyl she smuggled into the jail. She was additionally charged with introduction of contraband into a detention facility and tampering with evidence. She has since posted a $15,000 bond and released.   

Roberts is currently being held in custody in lieu of a $30,000.00 bond.  

Drug Trafficking Arrest Stemming from Traffic Stop: Three Suspects Apprehended


July 24, 2023

On July 7, 2023, Levy County Sheriff’s Deputy Dean MacIntyre conducted a traffic stop at 399 North Hathaway Ave in Bronson for an improper tag attached to a motor vehicle. During the stop, the driver, Jeanette Lynn Sims, 40 of Gainesville, attempted to flee on foot but was apprehended by deputies after a short foot chase. Two passengers were detained at the traffic stop location.

Further investigation led to the discovery of significant quantities of illegal substances inside the vehicle, including trafficking quantities of Fentanyl (more than 4 grams) and trafficking of Methamphetamine (more than 14 grams). The seized Fentanyl weighed 16.6 grams and the Methamphetamine weighed 41.3 grams. As a result of the investigation, all suspects were arrested and charged as follows:

– Jeanette Sims, 43 from Gainesville, Fl faces charges for resisting without violence, failure to register a motor vehicle, knowingly driving on a suspended or revoked license, tampering with evidence, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia. She is being held on a total bond of $65,000. It should be noted that at the time of arrest, it was also discovered that Sims had an active Levy County warrant for failure to appear.

– Samantha Smith, 36 from Dunnellon, Fl faces charges for trafficking in Fentanyl, trafficking in Methamphetamine, and possession of drug paraphernalia. She is currently being held on a total bond amount of $210,000.

– Alan Dones, 36 from Davie, Fl faces charges for trafficking in Fentanyl and possession of drug paraphernalia, and is held on a total bond of $55,000.

Domestic Dispute Ends with Multiple Felony Charges

July 24, 2023

On July 20, 2023 Deputies responded to a domestic disturbance in Rosewood. Deputies arrived and obtained statement from the victim and a friend. The victim told deputies she had an argument with Marshall Dimick (12/31/67) of Rosewood. During the argument Dimick dunked her head into a vat of a tar like substance that is used to treat clam and oyster bags. He also pointed a shotgun at her and choked her to near unconsciousness. Dimick is a convicted felon and is prohibited from possessing a firearm. The victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment of chemical burns to her face and arms.

The following investigation discovered that Dimick removed several firearms from the home prior to law enforcement arriving. The guns were located on a neighboring property and recovered. Dimick was arrested and has been charged with aggravated battery, aggravated assault with a firearm and four counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. He is being held at the Levy County Detention Center on a $550,000.00.

Yankeetown Park Vandal Arrested

July 14, 2023

Deputies discovered a graffiti covered pavilion at the end of CR 40 in Yankeetown on July 4, 2023 while conducting routine patrol. The vandal used spray paint and permanent marker to scroll the name “James Edwards” on most surfaces of the pavilion and picnic tables. Deputies estimated over $3,000 dollars in damages to the building and table that is maintained by the Levy County Parks and Recreation Department. The “artists” work gained a lot of attention on local social media pages.

Word around town was that Kristine Hess was responsible for the graffiti. Deputies know Hess was the girlfriend of James Edwards, who recently passed away. Many of the messages included how “he” was missed.

Deputies worked diligently to gather evidence of Hess’s participation in this crime. Hess herself confessed via Facebook to the graffiti painted on the sidewalk and road. Hess was located and interviewed and denied responsibility. Fortunately sufficient evidence had been collected and she was arrested on July 8, 2023.

Since publication of the graffiti on social media the Levy County Parks and Recreation have cleaned up the mess. Hess is arrested and has acquired additional charges for violation of her probation. She is being held in the Levy County Detention Center with no bond.

101 Year Old Levy County Icon Honored


June 28, 2023

Yesterday Sheriff McCallum and representatives from Haven Hospice had the unique pleasure of recognizing and expressing gratitude for the service and sacrifice of one of our own local heroes. Kenneth Carpenter, of Chiefland, surrounded by family and friends humbly accepted recognition for his lifelong achievements serving our country and this community.

Mr. Carpenter, born November 24, 1921, faithfully served this great county in the U.S. Army during WWII from January 1941 until June of 1945. He achieved the rank of Sergeant during his tenure. This spry, soft spoken 101 ½ year-old veteran continued his service to community after WWII by working in utilities in West Virginia. He ultimately made his home in Chiefland in 1974 where he worked for the Central Florida Electric Co-Op until retirement.

Haven provides a veteran recognition ceremony for every veteran under their care. These ceremonies are typically facilitated by a Haven veteran volunteer or staff member and include the presentation of a certificate of appreciation and items like a patriotic lap quilt, American flag pin and more. Haven RN case manager Scott Knudsen and volunteer coordinator Vondla Sullivan along with the Trenton Marine Corps Ladies Auxiliary representative Arlene Lang presented these gifts on behalf of Haven. Sheriff McCallum presented Mr. Carpenter a certificate of appreciation and the coveted LCSO challenge coin.

Mr. Carpenter is looking forward to celebrating his 102nd birthday in November by surrounding himself with family. His wife Lucille, son, two grandchildren and two great grandchildren ask that you help us celebrate Kenneth and all of these life-long achievements.  

Cannabis Odor Leads to Discovery of Meth

June 12, 2023


On Saturday, June 10, 2023 at approximately 8:40 p.m. Deputy Joe Wilber and Deputy Nelson Macias were on patrol in Inglis when they observed a Kia SUV being operated without headlights. They conducted a traffic stop. Both deputies could smell the odor of recently burned marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. Neither the driver nor her passenger had medical marijuana cards.

A search of the SUV was conducted. Deputies located a pill bottle containing 1.7 grams of marijuana and one oxycodone pill in the driver’s door panel. Deputies also found 28 grams of methamphetamines hidden in the center console. The driver, identified as Carrie Esiel (11/23/70) of Inglis, was taken into custody. No charges were filed on the passenger who was released at the scene.

Esiel was booked into the Levy County Detention Center and charged with trafficking in methamphetamines. Her bond has been set at $50,000.00.

Fleeing Suspect Apprehended with Trafficking Amount of Meth

June 12, 2023

On Saturday, June 10, 2023 Deputy Cody Weaver was on patrol in Inglis when he spotted a vehicle known to be driven by a subject designated in the State of Florida as a habitual traffic offender. As the vehicle passed, Deputy Weaver identified the individual driving was the habitual offender and turned around to conduct a traffic stop. The driver accelerated and outdistanced Deputy Weaver by turning into a private residence and stopping abruptly. Both the driver and the passenger fled from the vehicle on foot.

Deputy Weaver was able to apprehend the fleeing passenger who was identified a Kitty Collins (7/11/78) of Inglis. As Collins was being escorted back to Deputy Weaver’s patrol car, he found a recently discarded black zippered bag. He collected the bag as evidence. Examination of the contents of the bag discovered a baggie that contained 84.5 grams of methamphetamines. Possession of more than 14 grams of amphetamines is considered a trafficking amount and could be punishable by a minimum seven (7) year prison sentence, if convicted. She is being held in the Levy County Detention Facility on a $120,000.00 bond.

The driver was able to elude Deputy Weaver. His identity is known and deputies are currently looking for him. When apprehended he will be facing several felony charges.

Anyone who wishes to provide an anonymous tip in this case is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-877-349-8477. You could be eligible for a cash reward.