Youth Arrested For Sexual Battery

MEDIA RELEASE   Date:                December 30, 2009 Time:                10:30 AM   Archer, Florida-On December 28, 2009 Detective Roger Bell arrested Rolando Perez-Melendez, age 17 for sexual battery.   On December 18, 2009 eleven under age juveniles were having a party at 10390 NE 124th Street.  During the party the juveniles consumed alcoholic beverages and the victim went in the bedroom and lay down.  Perez-Melendez admitted to consuming ten (10) beers and he advised that he entered the bedroom and checked his MySpace account.  When Perez-Melendez was leaving the bedroom he fell down and the victim assisted him and he sat on the edge of the bed. The victim lay back down and was attempting to go to sleep when Perez-Melendez started making advances towards her.  The victim told him no and he forced himself on the victim and committed sexual battery.   On December 28, 2009 Detective Bell arrested Perez-Melendez and transported him to the Levy County Jail.   The investigation revealed that the home owner, Linda Lee Evans, age 57 was at the residence when the kids were partying and drinking alcoholic beverages.  Detective Bell is filing a sworn complaint on Linda Evans for contributing to the delinquency of children.     Defendant:   Rolando Perez-Melendez 6851 NE 112th Ave Archer, Florida Hispanic Male 01/02/92     ###