Williston Middle School Student Arrested

October 20, 2017

This information is being published to clarify the record and dispel rumors now being published on social media in Levy County.

The Levy County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Division arrested a 12 year old Williston Middle School student today. The LCSO SRO was contacted by school officials today and told that at approximately 2:40 pm an altercation between students occurred. The SRO’s investigation revealed the 12 year old student was offended by another student’s question. During the disagreement between these students, one child picked up a pair of scissors and chased the other student around the room while threatening to stab him. 
A school staff member was able to intervene and separate the students. No injuries have been reported. The arrested student has been transported to the Levy County Detention Facility for processing and will be later released to the Department of Juvenile Justice.