Williston Man Arrested on Sex Offenses Against Minors
May 6, 2019
On Saturday, May 4, 2019 Levy County Detective C.J. Perryman
responded to a home in Williston to a report of sexual misconduct. Detective
Perryman met with the mother of two children who are under 12 years old who
reported that her children said they had been sexually abused by Kyle Raudis
Detective Perryman spoke to both of the children who
described the sexual abuse. Detective Perryman also located and spoke to Raudis.
Raudis made several contradictory statements then later admitted he had been
sexually inappropriate in the presence of the children. 
Raudis was arrested and charged with two counts of lewd and
lascivious molestation and two counts of lewd or lascivious exhibition. He was
booked in at the Levy County Detention Facility where he is being held in lieu
of a $2.5 million dollar bond.