Williston Man Arrested for Robbery

January 17, 2018
Sometimes the facts are just the facts and there is no need
to embellish.
On December 23, 2017 a Williston resident “won” an early
Christmas present when his scratch off ticket was a winner. His prize was
$1,000.00. And to celebrate he purchased some spirits from a local shop and
shared his story with his friend. But, the Grinch whom we will call Willie
Sherman (11-3-90), decided that winning ticket was too tempting.  
The victim went to bed after celebrating his winnings, only
to be awakened by Sherman pointing a gun in his face. The victim immediately recognized
the gun as his own and knew it was loaded. Sherman had taken the victim’s keys
while he slept, gone into the victim’s trunk and stolen the winning ticket and
his shotgun. Sherman then stole the victim’s prized knife and other personal
But wait, the weird story doesn’t end here. Sherman was in a
quandary. How do you “cash in” a stolen winning lottery ticket and not get
caught? You find a friend and offer to pay him $50.00. And, to really throw the
cops off their game, have the friend wear women’s clothing when cashing it.
However, Levy County Investigators weren’t deterred. They located
video of the ticket being cashed in and although the disguise did slow their
progress slightly, they were able to identify the fella in drag. He (whom we
can’t identify at this moment) cooperated with investigators and gave up the
Sherman was located and interviewed by Deputy Adam Hiers.
Sherman initially denied knowing the victim, but allowed investigators to
search his room. There investigators found the stolen shotgun and the victim’s
prized knife under Sherman’s mattress. 
Sherman has been arrested and charged with Robbery with a
Firearm, Grand Theft of a Firearm, Grand Theft (for stealing the lottery
ticket) and Burglary of a Conveyance. He is being held at the Levy County
Detention Facility and his bond has been set at $200,000.00.