Williston Man Arrested for Neglect of Elderly
September 25, 2018
The Levy County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations
Division (CID) arrested Alex Hernandez (11-18-69) of Williston on September 24th
for neglect of an elderly person and false imprisonment. Hernandez was the caretaker
and living with a 67 year old female who suffered from the early stages of
dementia and COPD. The victim often suffered “incidents,” during which she
would unclothe herself and act strangely. Hernandez attempted to intervene when
the victim was suffering from an “incident” and called for assistance from a
friend because he was not able to control her.
Hernandez had to travel to Gainesville to pick up this
friend because she did not have a vehicle. Hernandez locked the victim inside a
bedroom without her oxygen, no access to a phone or restroom facilities and left
the residence for over an hour. Hernandez even stopped at a local convenience
store in Gainesville to buy snacks and drinks on his way back to the home. When
he and the friend arrived at the home they discovered the victim injured and in
immediate need of medical treatment.
EMS responded and observed the victim was unconscious, had
lacerations on her face and arms, bruising on her legs and arms and was
suffering from head trauma. The victim was treated at a local emergency
hospital and her injuries were determined to be life threatening. After
multiple days in ICU she did regain consciousness and was able to make a
statement to law enforcement. Based upon her statement combined with her
medical condition and Hernandez’s own admissions, investigators determined
Hernandez allowed these injuries to occur.
Hernandez is being held at the Levy County Detention
Facility in lieu of a $350,000.00 bond.