Two Violent Felons Arrested

December 2, 2019

On Sunday, December 1, 2019, the Levy County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a concerned citizen reporting what was believed to be an impaired driver. The caller told dispatchers the vehicle pulled into a local gas station. Deputy Williamson responded to find a subject behind the wheel and when he checked the status of this person’s drivers license, things went downhill quickly for the driver and his passenger.

Deputy Williamson made a check on the license of “Rudolfo Diaz,” the name the driver gave him, and discovered Mr. Diaz may not be telling the whole truth. He never had a license in the United States and only had an ID from Mexico. Deputy Williamson had difficulties communicating with Diaz who did not speak English. With the assistance of the passenger, Melvin Granados, who helped translate, Diaz was arrested.

Deputy Williamson spoke to Melvin Granados after taking Mr. Diaz into custody and found some inconsistencies in his story too. The name Melvin Granados given to Deputy Williamson was also incorrect. Deputy Williamson continued to investigate to discover this man’s real name was Victor Granados and Victor had good reason to lie about his name.

Victor Granados is a wanted felon. Not only does Alachua County want him for a failing to appear in court in Gainesville, Florida, the State of Texas also has an active warrant for his arrest charging him with murder. Deputy Williamson worked diligently to verify this was in-fact an all-in-one person and was able to affect the arrest for both active warrants, taking this violent felon off of the streets in Levy County.

And, in honor of cyber Monday, a cyber tip was sent to the LCSO early this morning through Crime Stoppers. The tipster told LCSO that a violent felon was hiding in our community. Just prior to daylight today the LCSO Patrol Division and Detectives responded to an empty lot that only had travel trailer set up on the Bronson area. There they located and arrested Joshua R. Vestal (5/7/83), a wanted violent felon on the run from Indiana. Apparently Mr. Vestal fled Indiana after a gun fight with another person there. Vestal is prohibited from possessing a firearm and fled to avoid prosecution.

Both Granados and Vestal will be held in the Levy County Detention Facility until transfers can be arranged to the states to which they belong.