Tired, Muddy and Tased

September 12, 2018
Stephen Baker (7-5-91) of Inglis was a wanted man until he
turned into the wrong driveway. Corporal Franco Almeida responded to 18351 SE
Butler Road in Inglis on September 2nd to a report of theft. Baker
drove through the main gate of the property in a jacked up Dodge truck while
Corporal Almeida was on scene conducting his investigation. Corporal Almeida
recognized Baker from past professional contacts and knew he did not have a
valid driver’s license and had warrants for his arrest.  
Baker attempted to flee the property after seeing our
deputy, but became stuck in the mud in a low lying area of the property. Upon
exiting his vehicle he tried to run away. This is when he got to experience a
tool of our trade, the Taser. Corporal Almeida ordered Baker to surrender, and
when he didn’t, utilized his Taser to stop his attempt to flee. 
Sheriff’s Office policy states that after someone has been
shot with a Taser, EMS will be summoned to evaluate the subject and remove the
Taser probes. This is exactly what Corporal Almeida did. Muddy and handcuffed,
Baker attempted to escape again. Running out of the back of the ambulance with
his hands cuffed behind his back; he thought by fleeing into a flooded area of
the property Corporal Almeida wouldn’t follow. He grossly underestimated the
determination of our deputy and was quickly apprehended again. 
Baker went to jail tired, muddy and tased, and with a few
more criminal charges. Added to the charges on his warrant (fleeing and
attempting to elude LEO and DWLSR habitual) were resisting arrest without
violence and escape. He is being held in the custody of the Levy County
Detention Facility in lieu of a $160,000.00 bond.