The Charges Keep Stacking Up
March 22, 2019
Courtney Harvey (11-19-88), a career violent felon from
Williston, was arrested by Drug Task Force Detective Rob Bowers on November 30,
2018 after a lengthy investigation. Harvey was charged with a variety of crimes
ranging from battery to drug trafficking. He has been held in the Levy County
Detention Facility since this arrest.
Yesterday more charges were filed on Harvey after an
examination of drugs seized during the investigation prior to his November
arrest were received by the LCSO. Detective Rob Bowers added twelve (12) more
drug related charges including possession with the intent to distribute
fentanyl, possession with the intent to distribute cocaine, sale of cocaine,
sale of fentanyl and use of a two way communication device during the
commission of a felony. 
Street level drug sales investigations are difficult to
conduct. In the case involving Harvey, Detectives suspected he was selling
heroin. Detectives discovered on two instances he actually sold drugs that were
a mixture of cocaine and fentanyl. On a third occasion he sold pure fentanyl.
Fentanyl is the drug that has been linked to multiple
overdose deaths across the nation and has harmed many first responders who
inadvertently came into contact with this substance. Deputies in Levy County
now carry Narcan, which is used to counteract the deadly effects of this drug,
both for victims and ourselves. 
An additional $530,000.00 in bonds has been levied against
Harvey bringing his total bond to 1.29 million dollars.