Street Brawl In Bronson Three Arrested

MEDIA RELEASE   Date:                June 30, 2009 Time:                9:00 AM   Bronson, Florida-A street brawl fight in Bronson resulted in the arrest of three men by Deputy Joseph Sabbag.  On June 25, 2009 around 5:45 PM the Levy County Sheriff’s Office received a 9-1-1 call at 424 Margaret Street that there were several men fighting in the street.    Upon Deputy Sabbag arriving on the scene he observed between 15-20 people in the street causing a disturbance.  Investigation revealed that the defendants Willie Crowley, Christopher Cox, Mark Cox and a juvenile got into a fight after words were exchanged.  Deputy Sabbag arrested the above men for battery and affray and they were transported to the Levy County Jail.   Defendant:   Willie Terrell Crowley 440 Margaret Street Bronson, Florida Black Male 12/15/75   Christopher Cox 424 Margaret Street Bronson, Florida White Male 12/26/90   Mark Cox 424 Margaret Street Bronson, Florida White Male 06/05/68   ###