School Security Meeting

Date : Jan 15, 2013
Time : 7.00 PM
On January 15, 2013 personnel from the Levy County Sheriff's Office, Levy County School Board and all Levy County Police Departments conducted a school security meeting at the Levy County Sheriff's Office. Along with Sheriff Bobby McCallum, his command staff and School Resource Deputies, the following personnel participated in the meeting:
  1. Levy County School Superintendent Robert Hastings;
  2. Levy County School Board Director of Administration Jeff Edison;
  3. Williston Police Chief Dennis Strow;
  4. Williston Assistant Police Chief Clay Connolly;
  5. Chiefland Police Chief Robert Douglas;
  6. Inglis Police Chief Steve Dixon;
  7. Cedar Key Police Chief Virgil Sandlin.   

The purpose of the meeting was to review the existing Levy County School Critical Incident Response Plan and to insure continued cooperation among the various law enforcement agencies and the School Board. 

Lt. Scott Finnen
BRAVO  Company Watch Commander
Levy County Sheriffs Office
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