Run away from the carnival? Sounds counter intuitive doesn’t it?

April 12, 2019
Career carnival worker Justin F. Benoit (12-17-78) who lists
an address in Spring Hill, used his powers of influence to coerce a 16 year old
to run away from the carnival life with him. Benoit created an elaborate plan
that he put it into action just prior to Christmas of 2018. He convinced the
under aged daughter of another carnival worker to flee from a Palm Beach County
carnival location and meet with him in central Florida. From there they
traveled to Levy County where they hid for approximately two weeks.
Benoit plied the young lady with alcohol and when she became
intoxicated, he took advantage of her. Benoit was ousted by the child’s
parent’s persistent efforts to locate their daughter they flooded social media
pages Benoit frequented with flyers picturing their missing daughter. Benoit
was confronted and fled, leaving the child behind. 
Osceola County Detectives contacted Levy County Detectives
when their case identified the location in Levy County where Benoit had been
hiding. Levy County Detectives met the child victim who had been reunited with
her parents and took her statement. She described being coerced into consuming
alcohol to the point of being ill, and engaging in sexual activity with the
Levy County Detectives obtained a warrant for Benoit’s
arrest charging him with three counts of sexual battery on a minor,
interference with child custody and contributing to the delinquency with a
minor. His bond was set at $250,000.00.
Levy County Detectives learned Benoit had fled to Pasco
County and contacted the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office Warrants Division. Their
Warrants Detectives located and arrested Benoit. Benoit has since been
transferred to Levy County where he will remain in custody until his trial