No Threat Identified

September 25, 2018
A facility member at the Bronson Middle/High School located
an unfired.22 caliber bullet on the ground in the bus loop this morning. This
discovery was made before any students were on campus and no threats to
students have been identified. School staff members have received several phone
calls from concerned parents who were contacted by their children. Students are
expressing fears about a rumor there is a gun on campus. No credible
information has been discovered by staff members or School Resource Deputies
during their investigation and it appears the rumors were started and are being
spread by the students.
The Bronson Middle/High School Principal is currently addressing
students in an attempt to stifle the rumor and ease their fears. The Principal
and SRO deputies have no information that would warrant the school being placed
in a “safe campus” or “lock down” status.