Monkey Madness

MEDIA RELEASE   Date:                March 24, 2012 Time:               10:00 AM   On Thursday, March 22, 2012 citizens in east Levy County reported seeing three monkeys.  Lt Hunt the Commander of the Ag/Marine Unit responded and spoke to the complainant and he advised the monkeys have been sighted in the area of County Road 318/335.    Lt. Hunt spent hours with the complainant attempting to locate the monkeys, but the monkeys again escaped from being sighted by authorities. Lt. Hunt did locate in the woods evidence that monkeys are in the area by locating a fence post where they scratched and also found hair where the monkeys had shed.  Complainants complained that the monkeys are eating there pets food and also scattering the food making a mess in the carports.   The Sheriff’s Office has had numerous reported monkey sightings from citizens in the Williston area.  Last year Chairman of the Levy County Board of County Commission, Mr. Danny Stevens reported seeing the elusive monkeys.   Lt. Hunt contacted the Florida Fish & Wild Life Officers and will set traps in the area in attempt to trap and relocate the monkeys.  The Sheriff’s Office has no reports the monkeys have been aggressive towards people.       ###

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