Levy County Grand Jury Returns “True Bill” on 2004 Murder

December 11, 2019

The Grand Jury is comprised of citizens from Levy County and is assembled to hear the State’s evidence on capital cases such as murder. The Grand Jury is responsible to decide if the State has enough evidence to move forward with a criminal prosecution. The Grand Jury has two options, True Bill or No True Bill. The Grand Jury of Levy County was convened by State Attorney William P. Cervone on November 22, 2019 to hear the State’s evidence on a pending murder investigation. The Grand Jury returned a True Bill and an indictment, or warrant, was issued for the arrest of Solomon John Hall (12/19/70) of Chiefland.

Solomon “John” Hall has amassed thirteen arrests in Levy County beginning in 2000. He has been charged with a range of crimes including domestic violence, aggravated battery, theft, drug possession, DUI, violation of probation and methamphetamine production.  Hall is currently incarcerated in the Florida Department of Corrections after being sentenced on 5/15/2018 for manufacture of methamphetamines. He is scheduled to be released on 6/23/2024. This latest conviction is the fourth time Hall has been sentenced to state prison.

In 2018, Levy County Sheriff’s Office Detectives obtained information regarding Solomon John Hall and his involvement in the disappearance of Michael Randolph in 2004.  The information obtained surrounding Randolph’s disappearance launched the investigation. No report of Randolph’s disappearance was ever filed with law enforcement.

Detectives with the Levy County Sheriff’s Office partnered with Agents from the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) and Agents from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) to investigate. The investigation discovered evidence of Randolph’s disappearance and murder, which culminated in the issuance of the Grand Jury’s “True Bill.”

The evidence presented to the Grand Jury indicated that in 2004 Hall was heavily involved in the use of illegal drugs. In May of 2004 he met with Michael Randolph, a known drug dealer from Chiefland, to purchase drugs. Hall took Randolph to a secluded area south of Chiefland to make his purchase, but instead shot and killed him. Michael Randolph was not seen or heard from ever again.

Solomon “John” Hall, who was housed at the Marion Correctional Institute, has been transferred to the Levy County Detention Facility where he will be held with NO BOND pending his trial.

The Levy County Sheriff’s Office is asking our public for assistance, as an investigation of this complexity and age is not over until the suspect is convicted. If anyone has information that would aid this investigation we ask you contact Detective Tim Rogers or Detective Rob Bowers at 352-486-5111. This investigation is being prosecuted by the State Attorney’s Office in Levy County.