Known Burglar Arrested (Again)
June 27, 2017
Timothy Cobb (12-21-72) of Bronson is a subject well known
in his home town. Not for his contribution to his community but as a burglar.
Cobb has been imprisoned in the Florida Department of Corrections (DOC) system 6
times since 1994 and has amassed 40 felony arrests and 14 felony convictions,
most for burglaries. He was released from the DOC on May 7, 2017 after serving 5
years for his latest conviction.
On June 23, 2017, Levy County Sheriff’s Office Patrol
Division K-9 Deputy Gary Garboski received information from the Criminal Investigations
Division (C.I.D.) to be on the lookout (BOLO) for Cobb because he was a suspect
in a recently reported burglary which occurred at 10291 NE 20th
Avenue. The victim of this burglary reported jewelry, memorabilia, coins and
two guns that had been stolen. K-9 Deputy Garboski located Cobb walking along
US Hwy 27 north of the Town of Bronson, stopped him and conducted a roadside
interview. K-9 Deputy Garboski was assisted by Deputy Gaffey, and they located and
identified numerous items being carried by Cobb as property which was reported
stolen from the 20th Avenue burglary.
Investigators from the C.I.D. responded to the scene and
conducted a more in depth interview with Cobb and his associate. Cobb gave
information to investigators which led them to a home where he had been
staying. Investigators located and recovered additional property which was
identified as stolen from the 20th Avenue burglary.   
Cobb was arrested and booked into the Levy County Detention
Facility and has been charged with burglary, grand theft of a firearm, grand
theft and possession of a weapon or ammo by a convicted felon. His bond has
been set at $275,000.00.