Knife Wielding Tampa Man Arrested At County Park

MEDIA RELEASE   Date:                July 24, 2009 Time:                10:00 AM   YankeeTown, Florida-On July 23, 2009 Corporal Wilburn Wells arrested Jerome C. Nasworthy from Tampa for three counts of aggravated assault, two counts of battery on a Police Officer, resisting arrest with violence, felony battery and one count of corruption by threat to a public official.   Deputies responded to the County Park on County Road 40 (also known as the end of the road in YankeeTown) in reference to a knife welding man chasing people at the park.  Upon arrival Corporal Wells observed Nasworthy holding a paddle over his head in an aggressive manner.  Nasworthy was ordered at gun point to drop the paddle and get on the ground and he complied.  Nasworthy had a pocket knife in his front right pocket and he was taken into custody.  Corporal Wells summoned an ambulance due to Nasworthy was bleeding from his mouth and nose and began his investigation.    Three victims reported that Nasworthy was extremely drunk and he became angry when they were swimming around his boat.  Nasworthy chased them out of the water and through the park on foot threatening them with a knife and also twisted a ladies arm causing minor injuries.  The victims stated that they feared for their life but was able to elude any severe injuries.  The victims stated that when Nasworthy threatened an unidentified man he was punched in the face several times and that is how he sustained his injuries.    Nasworthy was transported by ambulance to Seven Rivers Hospital where he became belligerent with the doctor and refused treatment.  Nasworthy was discharged from the emergency room.  Deputy Jay Crooms and Corporal Wells were escorting Nasworthy to the patrol car when he threatened and kicked the Deputies.  Nasworthy had to be physically placed in the patrol car and he was transported to the Levy County Jail.  Upon arrival at the jail Nasworthy threatened Corporal Wells and stated that he would locate Wells when he gets out of jail and with a lot of adjectives he would do bodily harm to him.       ###