It’s nice to share or is it?

December 6, 2019

Sharing resulted in several new criminal charges for Carole Ann Heagney (3/13/88) of Trenton to include smuggling contraband into a detention facility. Heagney was not aware she would arrested when she went to her scheduled probation visit. So, on her way there she stopped to see her drug dealer and purchased methamphetamines and heroin. Because she was afraid the friends who gave her a ride to see her probation officer would steal her drugs, she decided to take them inside with her. Her probation officer would not let her leave because she had already violated the terms of her probation and was detained.

Deputies responded to the probation office and took Heagney into custody. Unbeknownst to our deputies, Heagney had her drugs well-hidden. Deputies delivered her to the Levy County Detention Facility and she was able to keep the drugs hidden and avoided its detection by detention staff. That is until other inmates discovered she had drugs with her. In Heagney’s efforts to keep detention staff from discovering her smuggled goods, she offered to share with her cellmates.

Three other inmates were bribed for their silence by Heagney, but this was all for naught. Detention staff was told about the drugs in the facility and after a brief search of Heagney’s cell the drugs were found. In all, 11 grams of methamphetamine of the 14 grams she had originally purchased was seized. The investigation by DTF Detective Rob Bowers discovered she was able to use the entire amount of heroin before staff was alerted.

Heagney added four more charges and a hefty $120,000.00 bond to her already existing violation of probation arrest. She will be held in the Levy County Detention Facility until her case proceeds to trial.