High Speed Chase

MEDIA RELEASE Date: May 28, 2010Time: 5:15 PM Williston, Florida-On May 28, 2010 Officer James Tegart with Williston Police Department arrested Lee Lewis for fleeing attempting to elude a police officer, reckless driving and driving with a suspended drivers license. Officer Tegart observed Lewis driving a grey Honda and conducted a traffic stop for a minor traffic infraction. Lewis pulled over on State Road 121 in front of Williston Door & Millwork and then drove away in a reckless manner. Officer Tegart activated his emergency lights and siren and Lewis refused to stop. Major Sullivan was traveling north on County Road 335 and observed Lewis driving southbound on County Road 335 at a high rate of speed. The two officers proceeded with there lights and siren and Lewis refused to pull over. At the intersection of County Road 318/335 Lewis ran the stop sign and continued to travel south on County Road 335. Lewis turned in a driveway of a residence attempting to elude officers and drove through a yard. Lewis continued west on narrow dim path and jumped out of the vehicle and ran on foot. Major Sullivan chased Lewis on foot and apprehended him at 3592 NE CR-316 without incident. Lewis did not have a valid driver’s license and admitted to smoking marijuana. Defendant: Lee Lewis21410 NE 37 PlaceWilliston, Fl.B/M, 11/27/87 ###