Gainesville Man Arrested For Dope While Celebrating His Birthday

MEDIA RELEASE   Date:                May 28, 2010 Time:                5:45 PM   Bronson, Florida-On May 28, 2010 Investigator Mike Narayan arrested Antavious Teion Thompkins for possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute.   Investigator Mike Narayan and Roger Bell were patrolling in the University Oaks Estates subdivision and observed Thompkins driving erratic in a 2003 Nissan.  The two investigators were in unmarked patrol cars and watched Thompkins turn down a side street attempting to avoid the Investigators.  Thompkins was acting very suspicious and he pulled into a residence where both Investigators had previously investigated a home invasion robbery.    Investigator Bell made contact with Thompkins who acted very nervous and continued to put his hands in his pockets even after being directed not to.  Thompkins was asked if he had anything illegal in his possession and stated yes and gave Bell 6 grams of marijuana.  Thompkins was subsequently arrested and Narayan located 210 grams of marijuana in a Rice Krispies cereal box and seized $1,251 dollars in US Currency.  Thompkins stated that the marijuana was for personal use and he was celebrating his birthday which was yesterday.   Defendant:    Antavious Teion Thompkins 928 SW 60th Terrace Gainesville, Fl. Black Male, 05/27/83     ###