Fugitive On The Run For Over 16 years

MEDIA RELEASE   Date:               March 30, 2012 Time:               8:15 AM   The Levy County Sheriff’s Office and the US Marshals Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force arrested Benjamin Monroe Hamilton for an outstanding Highland County warrant.   The Task Force Unit received a collateral lead that Hamilton was living in Levy County.  Hamilton has been on the run since 1996 and was living in the Mont Brook area under the name Benjamin Crawford.  Hamilton was allegedly involved in a bar brawl. The fight led to the parking lot and Hamilton ran the victim over with a vehicle seriously injuring him.    On March 29, 2012 Levy County deputies Major Evan Sullivan, Captain Scott Anderson, Rob Bowers, Willie Barnes, Burt Miller and Sergeant Jay Bolton all sworn US Marshals were briefed in the Williston area before the early morning arrest. The plan was to allow Hamilton to leave his house since the Task Force had information that Hamilton may have a rifle inside the residence.  The Task Force set up at Hamilton’s house and surveillance was conducted on Hamilton’s movements.  The Task force followed Hamilton and he dropped off a friend at a Williston salvage yard.  After Hamilton dropped off the friend the Task Force members converged on Hamilton and a felony traffic stop was conducted.  Hamilton was arrested without incident and admitted that he knew he was a wanted man.  Hamilton stated that his attorney told him to stay out of Highlands County.  Hamilton stated that he used the name Benjamin Crawford while living in Levy County.     Defendant:   Benjamin Monroe Hamilton 230 SE 194 Terrace Williston, Fl. W/M, 06/26/1952     ###  

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