Four Arrested for Hunting Camp Burglaries
Dakota Buncik

Fallon Buncik

Tyler Knotts

John Smith

May 2, 2019
Members of the Sand-Fly Hunting Club located on
CR 347 south of Fowler’s Bluff reported multiple burglaries and thefts to their
hunting camps. Club members reported 5 generators, an air compressor, along
with various hunting /fishing equipment and accessories had been stolen.
On April 24, 2019 Levy County Sheriff’s Office Detectives
developed leads that identified persons involved lived at 6710 SW 108th
Avenue in Cedar Key. Detectives executed a search warrant at this location and were
able to recover four generators and numerous other items identified as being
stolen from the Sand-Fly hunting club members. Detectives interviewed four
individuals and also recovered two fours wheelers unrelated to the Sand-Fly
Hunting Club thefts. The four wheelers had been taken from the Rosewood and
Bronson area of Levy County.
Detectives have arrested the four individuals responsible
who are all from the Cedar Key area;
John Smith (01-26-1987),
Tyler Knotts (01-22-99),
Dakota Buncik (12-23-1997)
Fallon Buncik (03-13-1998)
Each arrestee faces multiple charges including burglary,
grand theft, criminal mischief and possession of methamphetamine. The defendants
said they used the proceeds from the selling of stolen items to purchase
illegal narcotics. Additional charges against all four defendants are expected
to be filed in the near future.
Detectives are asking our community if you had
contact with these subjects and purchased anything from them to contact Detective
Michael Wilkinson a call at 352-486-5111 Ext 360.   The item(s) you
purchased may be stolen and the owner(s) would like it to be returned.
Detectives know they apprehended the parties responsible for these crimes and
only wish to locate property stolen from the victims in the Sand-Fly Hunting
Club so it may be returned.