Escapee Arrested

May 18, 2017
On March 28th the LCSO reported that William Justin Ford 12-21-90
was able to slip free from his handcuffs and escape from a LCSO patrol car. Mr.
Ford’s freedom was short lived, as he was captured late this afternoon at a
residence off of CR 337. Investigators were tipped to Fords location and
surrounded the home. Ford did the only thing he knew to do and tried to run
again, however deputies had all of his escape routes blocked. Ford was taken
into custody.

Mr. Ford will have his first appearance tomorrow morning in
the Levy County Court. He faces multiple felony charges from his first escape
and will be charged with an additional count of resisting arrest for his
refusal to comply and surrender today. Investigators continue their
investigation and expect additional charges will be filed on the individual(s)
who assisted Ford as he evaded capture for the last 51 days.