Employee Reaches Million Dollar Mark.

The Levy County Sheriff’s office would like to take this opportunity to recognize one of its own in a milestone achievement of financial relief to the Citizens of Levy County in these tough economic times. The E911 system is funded with a $.50 per month fee collected on telephone lines. With the advent of cell phones many people have chosen to drop their landline phones reducing revenue to support E911. However, due to Florida’s Rural Grant Program for E911 counties with a population under 75,000 can receive funding for projects unattainable with only the monthly revenues.
Today we honor Christine Sheppard, the Database Manager of The Levy County E911 department. Due to Christine’s hard work the citizens of Levy County now have a modern, cutting edge, state of the art 911 call center and VoIP (Voice over the internet protocol) delivery system that saves our office thousands of dollars monthly over the previous system. Grants have also provided for mapping the entire county with road centerlines and GPS points for addresses and cell tower sites. All of these technology upgrades were done without cost to the tax payers of Levy County by the over 1 Million dollars of grant funding awarded to our office through Christine’s hard work and dedication over the last few years. Christine’s actions reflect great credit on herself, the Sheriff’s Office and the Public Safety Community as a whole.