Education the Hard Way

August 1, 2019
On July 25, 2019 Levy County Deputies responded to two
reported crimes in the Inglis/Yankeetown area of our county. Deputies began
their investigation into the theft of a four wheeler stolen which was stolen from
a property located on Suzanne Street in Inglis. A second investigation was
opened shortly after when our deputies were called to the Yankeetown School.
School staff members discovered someone entered the school and stole a golf
cart, its charger, an air compressor and other tools. Deputies noticed four wheeler
tire tracks were at this crime scene. Deputies located the stolen golf cart
late the same afternoon hidden in a wooded area near the school.
A break in this case came yesterday when a concerned citizen
contacted detectives and told them he saw Matthew McDonald (12-23-94) of Inglis
driving a golf cart that matched the description of the one reported stolen
from the school. 
Detectives located McDonald at his home and while talking
with him saw other items similar to those reported stolen by the school. Detectives
recovered the tools which were later returned to the school. McDonald
ultimately confessed to breaking into the school but denied any responsibility
for stealing the four wheeler. McDonald was arrested and in the process of being
transported to our jail by Deputy Macias, the stolen four wheeler was spotted
being driven along the side of the road. Deputy Macias stopped the person
driving the four wheeler and identified a 13 year old boy as the driver. 
Detectives respond to the stop location and interview this
juvenile. The juvenile, identified as John Walker of Inglis told detectives he
stole the four wheeler himself and was also arrested.
Both subjects were booked into the Levy County Detention
Facility. McDonald was charged with burglary and grand theft and is being held
in lieu of a $110,000.00 bond. Walker was processed and released to the custody
of his mother.