Crimes of Opportunity

May 2, 2019
Multiple vehicle burglaries and thefts were reported during
the week of April 22 to the Levy County Sheriff’s Office and the Williston
Police Department. Deputies were scrambling to identify the suspect and an alert
citizen who is also a victim provided the lead needed.
Deputy Matt Davis responded to the convenience store across
from the Bronson Racetrack on April 29th to take a theft report from
yet another victim. After which he viewed the store’s surveillance video which captured
the suspect in the act. This video was used to make a positive identification
of the suspect vehicle, but the thief could not be positively identified. 
The following day Deputy Davis located the suspect vehicle
on US Hwy 27 in Bronson. He activated his emergency equipment signaling the
driver to pull over. The driver did stop in the parking lot of Drummond
Community Bank, but as Deputy Davis exited his vehicle, the driver sped away. A
short car chase ensued and after a few turns by the suspect in his attempt to
elude Deputy Davis, he abandoned his car and fled on foot. He was located a
short distance away from his car and apprehended by Deputy Davis.
The fleeing driver and burglary suspect was identified as
Faron Dwayne Brannen (1-16-60) of Bronson. Deputy Davis’ investigation revealed
Brannen was homeless and living in the suspect vehicle. Brannen is also
reported to be addicted to illegal narcotics, and it is presumed he committed
crimes of opportunity by burglarizing unlocked vehicles looking for valuables to
support his drug habit. 
As seen in this video, this was a true crime of opportunity.
Brannen did not use any cunning or even work hard to enter the vehicle. Every
other report taken by both the Sheriff’s Office and the Williston Police
Department were burglaries to unlocked vehicles and thefts which were committed
without much effort. This case should be a reminder to all…. Lock YOUR CAR,
take your valuables inside and protect your hard earned property, no matter
where you are.
This is an on-going investigation and stolen property is
still being found by citizens. Stolen items, which were obviously discarded,
have been found in various areas of Levy County between Bronson and Williston.
The Levy County Sheriff’s Office is asking our citizens to report any found property
to our office by calling 352-486-5111.