Career Felon Arrested

February 15, 2017
An alert, diligent and crafty Levy County citizen breaks
unsolved burglary cases for the LCSO. Our citizen and your neighbor saw
something, photographed it and reported it which solved a string of burglaries
in the Williston area.
Career criminal Paul Lesley Urquhart (12-6-69) of Williston
was arrested yesterday by the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Division
Investigators based upon the information supplied by our citizen. Urquhart has amassed
21 felony arrests and is currently on Federal Probation for weapons charges. But
Urquhart could not help himself and reverted back to his old habits of breaking
into homes stealing jewelry and other valuables. He would trade your hard
earned valuables for drugs. However, this time he was stopped cold in his
Investigators recovered approximately $2,500 of property
Urquhart had stolen from multiple homes in the Williston area. Urquhart has
been arrested and charged with one count of burglary and grand theft. His bond
has been set at $145,000.
The investigation continues and additional charges are
expected to filed in the near future. Investigators are combing through the
recovered evidence and matching it to previously reported crimes.  Anyone who has information on Urquhart is
asked to contact Sergeant Mike Narayan at 352-486-5111.