Business Complaints Results in Arrest


June 26, 2018

Local businesses in the Town of Bronson noticed
small items disappearing in the recent past. These thefts, albeit small, were
concerning enough the business owners began filing complaints with the
Sheriff’s Office. The common denominator appeared to be Danny Wells (12-29-55),
a well-known Bronson man, who was often was seen in the general area where the
thefts were occurring.  Wells is known locally as “Danny B”.

The owner of Chantilly Place reported the theft of a
vacuum cleaner taken from the back porch of the business. The owner told
deputies she suspected Wells may have taken it. 
A witness reported seeing Wells in front of the County Seat Barber Shop
with a vacuum plugged into the wall.

Deputies responded to a location behind the Post
Office to speak to Wells about the recent theft complaint filed on June 7,
2018. Wells was confronted and confessed to the theft. He also told deputies
where he had taken the vacuum cleaner. Deputies were able to recover and return
the vacuum to the rightful owner.

Wells was arrested and charged with burglary of an
unoccupied structure and felony petit theft. Wells has two prior convictions
for petit theft, thus enhancing this most recent charge to a felony offense.