Burglars Banded Together – Are Not Successful
James Shane King – Bond $25,000

Ron Dell Ellison – Bond $40,000

Edgar William Pate – Bond $50,000

Racheal Skye Pate – Bond $20,000

June 18, 2019
Deputies and Detectives responded to the area of the Manatee
Farms subdivision off of CR 320 west of US 19 on Friday June 14, 2019 to a
report of a recent residential burglary. Detectives on scene interviewed a witness
who said they saw a female on a bicycle leaving a home that has been abandoned
since the homeowner passed away. Detectives discovered evidence the home had
been recently broken into as well as valuables removed from the home and placed
outside apparently to be picked up later.
Detectives and deputies began canvassing the area and were searching
for the unidentified woman on the bicycle when they noticed a car leaving the
home that had just been burglarized. Detectives attempted to stop the silver four
door passenger car that had a trunk and back seat overflowing with what was
believed to be stolen property. The vehicle fled, making multiple high speed
turns in an attempt to outrun the detectives. The pursuit ended at a dead end
road where the driver and three passengers were taken into custody.
The following interviews with these four subjects confirmed
our detective’s suspicions. James Shane King (9-22-83), Rondell Ellison
(10-7-75), Edgar William Pate (9-13-69) and Racheal Skye Pate (7-13-88) who all
reported the same home address north of Chiefland confessed to breaking into
the home based on a tip from the female on the bicycle. They identify the woman
to detectives and said she told them the home was unoccupied and there were a
bunch of things there to steal. These four just didn’t know our detectives were
in the area at the time they decided to break in.
The woman on the bike has been identified and detectives
will be picking her up shortly. The other four went to jail and have been
charged with burglary and grand theft. Mr. King has the added charge of fleeing
and attempting to elude law enforcement. 
“This is great example of how our community helps us solve
crimes. Had it not been for the willingness of the citizens in this community
to get involved by calling, this case would have most likely been unsolved. As
a result of this citizen tip, four people are in custody and a fifth person
will be arrested,” said Sheriff McCallum.