Bronson Middle/High Student Charged with BB-Gun at School
April 19, 2016
On April 18, 2016 Bronson Middle/High School officials
became aware a 14 year old student was in possession of some type of gun on
school property. This student had bragged and shown another student, what was
believed to be an air soft pistol hidden in his back pack. The item was never
removed from the back pack or displayed to others.
School officials and the Sheriff’s School Resource Deputy
immediately located and removed the student from the school clinic. The student
had not entered any classrooms. Officials searched the student’s back pack and
located a CO2 powered BB gun and a small amount of marijuana. These items were
seized by the LCSO Resource Deputy and the child was immediately suspended.
This child’s father was contacted to take custody of him and remove him from
school property.
The LCSO has filed charges of possession of a weapon on school
property, possession of approximately 2 grams of marijuana and possession of
drug paraphernalia by sworn affidavit to the State Attorney’s Office.
Sheriff McCallum said, “I am very proud of student who
immediately reported seeing this. I know how much courage this took. He set a
true example for all of his classmates to follow.” And, I would also like to
emphasize the phrase “if you see something, say something”.
Lt. Scott Tummond
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