Bronson Man Arrested In Domestic Dispute

MEDIA RELEASE Date:                August 30, 2010 Time:                10:00 am   On August 30, 2010 around 2:30 in the morning Deputy Joseph Sabbag & Deputy Matthew King responded to 559 East Thrasher Drive in Bronson.  A female caller was screaming on 9-1-1 that her husband was beating & choking her and then the phone was disconnected.   Upon arrival they knocked on the door and announced Sheriff’s Office open the door. After a considerable amount of time they could see a male moving in the residence but he would not open the front door.  King stated that if he did not come to the door he was going to kick the door in.    Joseph Williams finally came to the door and was very aggressive to the two deputies.  Williams was held at gun point and instructed to get on the ground but he refused their orders.  Williams used some obscenities towards the deputies stating he would not comply and Dep. Sabbag shot him with his department taser.  Williams went to the ground and complied with the deputies orders and Williams was taken into custody without further incident.   The altercation began when Williams asked the victim where the money order was and she replied in her wallet.  After Williams could not find the money order he threw the victim’s wallet striking her in the back and then threw her down on the couch and began choking her.  The victim was able to retrieve a phone and call 9-1-1 but never had a chance to speak to a 9-1-1 operator. The 9-1-1 operator attempted to contact the caller but Williams would not allow her to answer the phone.   Williams was charged with felony battery with strangulation, domestic batter and depriving a victim to call 9-1-1.   Defendant:   Joseph Williams 559 East Thrasher Drive Bronson, Fl. Joseph Williams 10/22/81   ###

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