BB Gun Bandits Behind Bars and Placed on the NAUGHTY List

December 26, 2019

Beginning on December 21, 2019, LCSO deputies began receiving complaints from citizens who live west of the Town of Bronson who were reporting criminal mischief (vandalism). In each case our deputies responded, evidence was discovered that person(s) unknown shot vehicle windows, homes and outbuildings with what appeared to be a BB gun. Multiple windows on both vehicles and homes were broken and exterior siding of several homes were dented.

On December 24, 2019, just minutes before Santa’s arrival in Bronson, Deputy M. Sinclair and Deputy K. Smith responded to a home located near NE 88 Lane and NE 113 Avenue. The caller told deputies he heard what he thought was a gunshot outside his home and when he went to investigate he saw the back window of his truck had been shot out. He also saw a white car speeding away from the scene. While speaking to the deputies a white car sped back by the home and was immediately identified by the victim as the same car he saw moments earlier.

Deputy Sinclair and Deputy Smith pursued the vehicle and were able to stop it. The driver, a 17 year old and his passenger, also 17 years old, told the deputies they had BB guns under their front seats. The following roadside investigation discovered the two juveniles were responsible for the Christmas mischief. The BMW getaway vehicle they were driving and their custom BB guns were seized and both were given a ride to the Levy County Detention Facility to spend the remainder of Christmas Eve.

Both juveniles were charged with multiple felonies including firing a weapon into a dwelling/conveyance and criminal mischief. Additional charges are expected to be filed by the LCSO in the following days. Additionally, it appears Alachua County Sheriff’s Office was also looking for BB gun bandits in the Archer area. Our information has been shared with ASO and more charges could be filed in Gainesville.