AT&T Wireless Subscribers – 911 Interruption

February 15, 2019
The Levy County Sheriff’s Office has been contacted by
AT&T and told only AT&T wireless service to 911 emergency calls has
been interrupted. This interruption has affected all of Levy County. AT&T
wireless subscribers who call 911 from their mobile device will be
automatically re-routed to the Levy County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency line.
What this means is the operator answering your call will not
know your call is an emergency. All emergency calls will be immediately transferred
into our emergency communications center. The emergency operator will not have
access to your phone number or location when you call. Be prepared to provide
this information to the 911 operator.
Please be patient with our Communication Center operators as
this is not a problem we have control over. AT&T has assured the Levy
County Sheriff’s Office this issue is being worked on and a resolution to this issue
is expected soon.  
We thank you for your understanding.