Month: October 2018

Convenience Store Burglary

October 8, 2018
On October 5, 2018 surveillance video captured images shortly
after 4 a.m. of an unidentified individual and a blue Dodge pick-up truck at the
Marathon convenience store located at 20551 NE Hwy 27 Alternate in East
Williston. This unknown person smashed the front window and entered the store.
It appears the suspect only was interested in cigarettes, as the store reports
over $10,000 dollars of Newport brand cigarette cartons were stolen.  
Investigators are asking for our public’s help in
identifying the person responsible, or the vehicle used in this burglary. The
truck has a very unique rack built into the bed of the truck which could aid in
identifying the owner. Anyone who has information is asked to contact
Investigator C.J. Perryman at 352-486-5111 ext. 276. Callers who wish to remain
anonymous can contact Crime Stoppers at 1-877-349-8477. You could be eligible for
a cash reward.

Marijuana Found During Traffic Stop

October 5, 2018
The Levy County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division stopped a
Mustang on US Alt 27 between Bronson and Williston last night for an equipment
violation. Our deputy approached the driver’s door to speak to the driver and
could smell the overwhelming odor of marijuana. Apparently the driver was “nose
blind” to smell in the car with him. Then, to add to his problems, the driver
Travon Collins (12-66-94) of Cross City did not have a valid driver’s license.  He was previously delivered a notice by the
Florida Division of Motor Vehicles his license was suspended.
Deputies arrested Mr. Collins and conducted a search of the
vehicle. This search discovered slightly over three (3) pounds of marijuana
packaged in one pound packages for delivery. Each package has the word “Jagoo”
scribbled on it. 
Collins was taken to the Levy County Detention Facility, his
car was towed, he was issued a couple of citations and charged with
possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, possession of more than
20 grams of marijuana and driving with a suspended license. He is being held in
lieu of a $32,000.00 bond.   

3 Arrested for Stealing/Selling Kids Dirt Bike

Photo courtesy of ACSO

Dean Hall

George Elwood

Crystal Mencer

October 4, 2018
Levy County deputies responded to a home in Williston on
September 26th to a report of a theft. Deputies met with the victim
who said unknown person(s) broke into her shed and stole her child’s dirt bike.
The motorcycle, described as a yellow 125 cc Suzuki valued at $700.00 had been
stored inside their shed. The victim was able to provide deputies with a
potential suspect at the time the report was filed. 
This case was assigned to the Sheriff’s Office Criminal
Investigations Division for further investigation. Investigators learned the
named potential suspect, Crystal Mencer (3-1-85) of Williston, had outstanding
warrants for her arrest. Investigators located and arrested Mencer and during
an interview she denied any involvement in the theft of the dirt bike. 
Investigators discovered Mencer was involved in a
relationship with George Elwood (2-25-85) of Williston. Elwood was located and
interviewed by investigators who told them Mencer brought him a stolen yellow
dirt bike. He said he contacted a person later identified as Dean Hall
(8-30-87) of Newberry and arranged to sell it to him. Hall did purchase the
dirt bike for an undetermined amount of cash and a small amount of
Levy County Investigators went to Hall’s home in Newberry
and met with Alachua County Sheriff’s Office investigators. A resourceful ACSO
deputy was granted permission by a neighbor to enter into their property which
would allow him to see into Hall’s back yard. There, in plain view, the deputy
saw and photographed a dirt bike. This picture allowed investigators to
positively confirm this was the stolen dirt bike. Based on this discovery,
investigators were able to secure a search warrant for Hall’s yard and home.
Investigators discovered more than just a stolen dirt bike; they also found
more drugs inside the home. 
Mencer, Elwood and Hall were arrested. Mencer has been
charged in Levy County with principal to burglary, principal to grand theft and
dealing in stolen property. Her bond has been set at $60,000.00 for these new
charges and NO bond on her warrants. Elwood has been charged in Levy County
with burglary, grand theft motor vehicle and dealing in stolen property. His
bond has been set at $100,000.00. Hall was taken into custody and has been
charged with drug offenses in Alachua County and is being held at the Alachua
County Jail. A warrant for Hall’s arrest for dealing in stolen property in Levy
County has been granted and will be served at a later date. 
The child’s dirt bike was recovered in Newberry and will be

Two Arrested for Drug Possession

Steven Nease

Joshua Kirkland
October 4, 2018
The Levy County Sheriff’s Office Patrol and K-9 Division
stopped a vehicle for speeding in the Williston Highlands area of Levy County
last night. Deputy Park, assisted by Deputy Garboski and his K-9 partner Molly,
inspected the exterior of the vehicle searching for the presence of drugs.
Molly “alerted” Deputy Garboski the smell of narcotics was around the vehicle
and the deputies conducted a search.
Deputy Park and Deputy Garboski located a pill bottle in the
center console of the vehicle. The bottle had the name of the driver, Steven
Nease (11-2-91) of Bronson, and it contained approximately 5 grams of
marijuana. Deputies also located a “Mario” backpack on the back seat and when
opened discovered it a large cache of drugs. The backpack contained Ecstasy
pills, 271 grams (or 9 ½ ounces) of marijuana prepackaged for street level
sales and drug paraphernalia. 
Nease and his passenger, Joshua Kirkland (7-19-96) of
Morriston, were arrested and transported to the Levy County Detention Bureau.
Both have been charged with possession of marijuana, possession with the intent
to distribute, possession of a controlled substance (Ecstasy) and possession of
drug paraphernalia. Their bond has been set at $96,000.00 each.

Williston Weekend Block Party Nets 9 Drug Arrests

October 1, 2018
Approximately one
month ago unidentified sources began advertising a block party in East
Williston. The unofficial organizers of this gathering listed local rappers and
other party events in efforts to entice people to attend. Based upon word of
mouth and other sources, an estimated 3,000 to 5,000 people were expected to
come join in the festivities.
The Levy County
Sheriff’s Office has been faced with unofficial parties of this size in the
past. Many of these past events created numerous calls for service to our
office with a spectrum of crimes to include: sexual battery, shootings and drug
offenses. Knowing this event was scheduled and with information of how may were
expected to attend, Sheriff McCallum authorized additional patrol units to be
available. “Having to allocate unscheduled resources to an event this size that
has no official planning or identifiable organizers adds additional monetary
stress to an already stressed budget”, Sheriff McCallum said. However, the
increased presence of deputies in East Williston netted multiple drug arrests.
The following
individuals were arrested and/or charged:
conducted a traffic stop on SR 121 and CR 335. K-9 Molly alerted to the odor of
narcotics in the vehicle. The road side investigation revealed driver Shelvin
Lucky (7-17-75) of Williston and passenger Stepheon Rives (2-22-87) of
Williston to be in possession of the drug MDMA (aka: molly).
Devonte Dixon
(4-23-2000) of Ocala was arrested for possession of marijuana less than 20

Shakeria Williams (2-3-94) of St. Petersburg was arrested for possession of
marijuana of less than 20 grams.

Darrell Session
(7-22-93) of Palatka was arrested for possession marijuana of less than 20
grams  and possession of drug paraphernalia.
Camirria McDonald
(4-272000) of Ocala was issued a notice to appear for possession marijuana less
than 20 grams.
Yasmine Kennedy
(3-18-98) of Gainesville and Jakirah Johnson (2-21-98) of Gainesville were
arrested for possession of marijuana less than 20 grams and possession of drug
A traffic stop was
conducted on SR 121 north. The driver Joseph Carlin Jr. (1-20-2000) of
Morriston, admitted to having a substance he called “flower” in his
car. He advised it was purchased at gas stations and is legal. The substance
tested positive for marijuana. Charges have been filed and Carlin was released
at the scene pending identification of the substance.  
Deputies conducted
a traffic stop on SR 121 north. The driver Jose Negron (5-13-85) of Gainesville
was found to have a warrant for his arrest issued in Alachua County for
Domestic Battery by Strangulation. 
responded to the Circle K North in Williston and observed a subject in the parking
lot involved in a verbal dispute. Deputies had contact with this same person
earlier in the evening and knew the subject was highly intoxicated. Jayson
Martin (5-12-91) of Gainesville was yelling profanities and racial slurs at the
other party, disturbing the peace, and was arrested for Disorderly Intoxication.
Lewis Williams aka:
“Spiderman” (9-29-51) of Williston was arrested for an active Levy
County warrant for Failure To Appear for the original charge of driving a
vehicle with no valid driver’s license and attaching a tag not
assigned to the vehicle.
McCallum said these types of parties not only affect the operations of the Levy
County Sheriff’s Office, but also impact the City of Williston and their Police
Department. Party-goers often filter into Williston and clog the convenient
stores and other open businesses. The on-going assistance of the WPD when
dealing with these events is greatly appreciated. Both agencies work diligently
to control crowds of this size.