Month: October 2018

Traffic Stop Locates Drugs and a Gun

October 25, 2018
The Levy County Sheriff’s Office Uniformed Patrol Division
deputies conducted a traffic stop on CR 337 south of Bronson on a gray Ford
truck just before 10 PM last night for unlawful speed. Deputies recently increased
patrols in this area based on citizen complaints of suspicious activities and
Deputy A. Horne and Sgt. L. Allen with her K-9 partner
Phoenix spoke to the driver of the truck, identified as Daryl Dallas Jr
(1-8-92) of Williston. Deputy Horne immediately smelled the odor of burned
marijuana and asked Dallas if he had been smoking. Dallas, without saying a
word, handed over a small package which was confirmed to be marijuana. Dallas,
who is not prescribed marijuana for any medicinal reason, was removed from the
vehicle and the interior was searched. 
Deputies located a loaded .38 handgun adjacent to a metal
tin hidden underneath the driver’s seat. The tin contained 14 alprazolam pills,
13 oxycodone pills, 28.6 grams of powder cocaine, 11.6 grams of
methamphetamine, 1.41 grams of crack cocaine and baggies commonly used to
package drugs for street level sales. Dallas was arrested and transported to
the Levy County Detention Facility.
Dallas has been charged with trafficking in cocaine,
possession of methamphetamine, possession of a controlled substance without a
prescription (alprazolam/oxycodone), possession of a weapon during the
commission of a felony, possession of a concealed weapon, possession of less
than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. He is being
held in lieu of a $327,000.00 bond.

It Takes Time to Build the Case

October 24, 2018
Many of our followers often wonder why we cannot solve the
case in under an hour like they do on TV (minus the commercial
interruptions).  Well, we cannot, because
this is not Hollywood and we don’t have the super star actors who always get
the confession. We build cases the old fashioned way; we work for it, talk to
witnesses, interview suspects and find the stolen property by searching for it.
Recently the eastern side of Levy County experienced a rash
of car burglaries. These thieves targeted unlocked vehicles and took a whole
bunch of guns along with other valuables. These cases were being investigated
by the Gainesville Police Department and the LCSO Criminal Investigations
Division (CID) and they took time to develop.
LCSO investigators have made considerable progress in
solving these cases and have recovered many stolen guns. The investigation
gained traction on October 11, 2018 when LCSO investigators made an arrest in
Williston and recovered three guns. Investigators pulled on the “loose thread”
and from this arrest developed enough information to secure a search warrant.
On October 12, 2018 investigators executed the search
warrant and recovered two more guns and made another arrest. This case profited
our investigators with more information that led to another search warrant. On
October 16, 2018 investigators executed this search warrant at 21130 NE 40
Street in Williston, recovered 16 guns and made two more arrests. And, the
investigation continued.
On October 18, 2018 investigators arrested Kentavious Brown
(1-28-2001) of Williston for burglary and grand theft of a firearm and Davonta
Pollock (7-27-2000) of Williston for burglary, grand theft of a firearm and a
felon in possession of a firearm. No guns were recovered during these arrests. Brown
has been released to the Department of Juvenile Justice and Pollock is being
held in lieu of a $125,000.00 bond.
Again on October 23, 2018 investigators made another arrest.
Jonathan Davis (7-11-99) of Gainesville was arrested for burglary and grand
theft of a firearm. He was additionally charged for a violation of probation.  He is being held at the Levy County Detention
Facility on a $25,000.00 bond for the burglary and theft charges and NO bond
for his probation violation.
Investigators report more arrests are forthcoming as more
information is being developed on a daily basis. To date, 21 guns have been
recovered along with seven arrests and other stolen property seized. Of these
21 guns, nine (9) of them have been confirmed as previously being reported
stolen and will be returned to their owners.
Anyone with information related to these cases or have
information on any other crimes can contact the LCSO at 352-486-5111 or report
what you know anonymously by calling Crime Stoppers at 1-877-349-8477. You may
be eligible for a cash reward.

20 Minutes to Conviction

October 24, 2018
The Levy County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations
Division arrested two men on June 21, 2017 for sexually battering a mentally
delayed 12 year old child. Jason Fisher (12-1-81) of Morriston, entered into a
plea agreement after his arrest with the State Attorney’s Office and is currently
serving 15 years in the Florida Department of Corrections.
On October 23, 2018 Ronald Adams (9-30-58) of Morriston, the
second defendant in this case, made a decision to take his case to trial and
allow a Levy County jury to decide his fate. Assistant State Attorney Glenn
Bryan presented the case prepared by LCSO Investigator Mike McNeil for the jury
to deliberate. In approximately 20 minutes the jury had their decision – GUILTY
on all charges.
Adams sentencing has been scheduled for December 19, 2018
and could potentially face up to life in prison.
Sheriff McCallum said he is extremely proud of the diligence
Investigator McNeil displayed in finding the truth and his expertise in preparing
this case for trial. Two men who committed a most grievous crime on a child are
now off our streets and our community is safer. The victim in this case is
still receiving assistance and we hope she will make a full recovery. I applaud
the State Attorney’s Office in their professionalism in their presentation of
this case to our jurors which led to this conviction.   

East Williston Block Party

October 23, 2018
During the late night hours of September
29th and early morning hours of September 30, 2018, a large number of
individuals staged a “Williston Block Party” in the area of the New Hope
Baptist Church in East Williston, Florida. 
An estimated crowd of 3,000 partiers used vehicles to completely block
traffic on County Road 318 and Northeast 212th Court.  Loud music, alcohol and marijuana smoke
filled the area for approximately 4 hours. 
Some of the activities of that
gathering were documented on social media and can be viewed (with ADULT
LANGUAGE advisory) at: 
With the assistance of the Marion
County Sheriff’s Office and Williston Police Department, LCSO deputies made 9
drug arrests, seized numerous firearms and took multiple noise complaints. 
Sources have informed LCSO that a
similar event is planned for October 27th beginning at 11:00
P.M.  While the organizers and profiteers
of these type of events generally avoid identifying themselves, they should be
aware that the lawless behavior exhibited at the last event on September 29th
will not be tolerated.  Those wishing to
organize a “Block Party” are encouraged to find a venue that does not require
blocking traffic, disturbing residential neighborhoods and breaking drug and
firearm laws. 


Fanning Springs Man Arrested for Lewdness on Child

October 22, 2018
On Friday, October 20, 2018 a Levy County Deputy responded
to a home in Fanning Springs when a parent found explicit conversations and
images on her 13 year old child’s tablet. The mother told the deputy she took
the tablet away from her daughter as a form of discipline and when looking
through the tablet found an application downloaded. The application “Google
Hangouts” wasn’t an application she approved her daughter to use. The mother found
a history of sexually explicit messages and images between her daughter and an
unidentified male. 
LCSO Criminal Investigations responded to the scene to
complete the investigation. Investigator Mike McNeil interviewed the child who
admitted to communication with a person she met at Fanning Springs State Park.
This individual, whom she identified as 22 year old Dustin Norman of Fanning
Springs, added her as his friend through the “Hangouts” application and they
began talking. The child admitted to investigators she was involved in sexual
conversations with Norman. 
Investigator McNeil located and interviewed Norman. Norman
admitted to being involved in a sexual relationship with the victim, admitted
he knew her age and admitted to sending nude photographs of him to her. Norman
was arrested and charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious battery on a
child, transmitting obscene images to a child and use of two way communications
to commit a felony. He is being held at the Levy County Detention Facility in
lieu of a $250,000.00 bond. 
The use of the internet and the multitude of ways it allows
people to communicate are dangerous and confusing. Children often do not
understand predators constantly look for ways to communicate with new potential
victims. Sheriff McCallum urges parents to faithfully monitor their children’s internet
use and social media presence to avoid crimes such as this.  If the parent in this case had not been vigilant
in the supervision of her daughter this situation could have had more severe lifelong
consequences. I applaud this parent in her efforts to protect her daughter and
for her willingness to report this situation so that other children may be
protected from this suspect as well, said Sheriff McCallum.