Month: July 2018

Expired Tag Leads to Multiple Arrests

Seized Methamphetamine

Mark Gonzalez

Carla Carter-Jenkins

Sidney Allen

Lindon Owens

Christopher Allen

Jake Bryant

On July 11, 2018 members of the Levy County Sheriff’s Office
Criminal Investigations Division conducted a proactive patrol campaign in the
City of Inglis. Investigators were seeking traffic offenders, unlicensed
drivers and persons transporting illegal drugs. Investigators located all of the
above in a single traffic stop.
A vehicle was observed leaving the parking lot of the
Kangaroo gas station at the intersection of US 19 and Hwy 40. Investigators
noticed the tag was not current and verified this through a computer check.
Investigator Wilkinson attempted to stop the driver who fled east on Sandi
Street, ultimately turning onto Jerry Street where he was blocked in by
Investigator McNeil. The driver, identified as Mark G Gonzalez (7-14-91) from
Dunnellon, was taken into custody. 
Investigators identified Carla Carter-Jenkins (6-12-76) of
Dunnellon, Sidney Allen (5-21-98) of Inglis and Lindon Owens (10-24-93) of
Dunnellon as the passengers of the vehicle. The subsequent roadside
investigation revealed all three passengers were in possession of various
illegal narcotics. All occupants were arrested.
Investigator Douglas conducted a traffic stop on North
Inglis Avenue and identified the driver of the vehicle as Christopher Allen
(10-1-75) of Inglis. A computer check identified Christopher Allen had an
active warrant for his arrest issued in Citrus County. 
Investigators also located and arrested Jake Bryant
(7-29-80) of Inglis who had an active warrant for violation of probation issued
in Levy County.
Goloweyco Gonzalez (7-14-91)
1.     Fleeing and
attempting to elude law enforcement
2.     Possession of a
controlled substance
3.     Driving while
license suspended or revoked
4.     Resist officer
without violence
5.     Possession of
drug paraphernalia
Bond $ 22,000.00
Carter-Jenkins (6-12-76)
1.     Possession of a
controlled substance
Bond $ 5,000.00
L. Allen (5-21-98)
of controlled substance
in methamphetamines
of drug paraphernalia x2
of contraband into a correctional facility
with evidence
Bond $ 324,000.00
Chance Owens (10-4-93)
in methamphetamine
of a controlled substance
of drug paraphernalia
Bond $ 267,000.00
Scott Allen (10-1-75)
County warrant
Bond $ NONE
J. Bryant
of probation
Bond $ NONE

Construction Site Burglar Arrested

July 6, 2018
Construction of a new home can be exciting and frustrating
for the owner as well as the construction company, all within a single day.
Delays caused by weather and supply shipments are always an issue. However,
theft of the very tools and supplies you do have will push the frustration
level to the limit. This is the case of one local man just trying to get his
home built.
On June 16, 2018 deputies responded to a home under
construction and met with the victim. The victim discovered approximately $860.00
in tools and supplies had been stolen from the construction site. Deputies returned
to this same construction site on July 4th and on July 5th
for two additional reports of theft. An additional $1380.00 in tools and
construction supplies were stolen in these consecutive days.  
David Lee Runion (12-14-82), from Williston was arrested
yesterday by the Levy County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division (CID)
for perpetrating these thefts. Investigators received information that Runion
was responsible. Runion was located at a home outside of Williston and
confronted. He admitted to these thefts and directed investigators to a stash
of stolen property, some of which had already been sold to unsuspecting buyers.
Investigators also recovered a stolen four wheeler and other items linked to
additional reports. These cases are still under investigation and more charges are
expected to be filed soon. Many of the stolen tools and supplies recovered yesterday
have been returned to the owners.
Runion was booked in to the Levy County Detention Facility.
He has been charged with two counts of burglary, three counts of grand theft
and one count of dealing in stolen property. His bond has been set at

Bronson 4th of July Celebration Ends in Arrest

July 6, 2018
Levy County Deputies assisting with the 4th of
July celebration at the Bronson Sports Complex responded to complaints of a
woman attempting to run over a group of juveniles. Deputies learned a group of
teens were walking together after the fireworks display. The defendant, Kelly Geer
(4-30-78), from Bronson had been involved in a verbal dispute with the group of
teens. Witnesses saw Geer enter her vehicle, back up then accelerate toward the
group in what appeared to be a deliberate attempt to run them over. Witnesses
told deputies they saw kids diving into the ditch to avoid being hit as Geer’s
vehicle slid sideways toward the group.
Eight teens were interviewed and told deputies they had been
arguing with Geer and were walking away. Geer then threatened to run them all
over as she got into her car, backed up then sped toward them. The teens said
they had to dive into the ditch to avoid being hit.
Geer was found at the scene and arrested. She posted a
$5,000.00 bond the following morning and released from jail. Her appearance in
court is pending.

Interagency Cooperation Leads to Burglar Arrest

Deputies from the Levy County Sheriff’s Office, Alachua
County Sheriff’s Office and officers from the Gainesville Police Department
combined efforts to arrest Qua’dre Tyremetris Dixon (8-26-2000) for two vehicle
burglaries that occurred in Levy County on June 11, 2018.  A handgun and other miscellaneous personal
property was stolen from the victims in these cases. 
The investigation came together when LCSO Investigator
Justin Douglas located one of Dixon’s fingerprints at one of the crime
scenes.  Deputies at the Alachua County
Sheriff’s Office positively matched the print to Dixon.  
On June 14, 2018, Gainesville Police Officers took Dixon into
custody as part of another investigation. 
Investigator Douglas was able to interview Dixon at that time and
obtained additional evidence implicating Dixon in the two burglaries.  Based on the testimony of witnesses and the
physical evidence, Dixon was charged with two counts of Burglary, Grand Theft
of a Firearm and Petit Theft.  A juvenile
pickup order was issued for Dixon and he was taken into custody and held at the
juvenile detention center awaiting trial.  
On June 27, 2018 a petition was filed before the Courts in
Levy County requesting these charges be upgraded, changing them from Dixon
being charged as a juvenile to being charged as an adult. The request was
granted and Dixon has been formally charged. Dixon is now being held on a
combined bond of $110,000.00.

Seeking Public Help for the Unsolved Murder of Leo Rives

On July 5, 2014, Deputies from the Levy County
Sheriff’s Office responded to the area of 3571 NE 218th Avenue to
the report of gunshots being fired in a quiet neighborhood community east of
Williston. The investigation revealed that Leo Rives (DOB 11/25/82) had been shot
multiple times and was found deceased beside the white Ford Crown Victoria he
borrowed from a family member. 
This July 5th marks the fourth
anniversary of this violent murder, and the case remains unsolved. Leads
related to this murder have been few over these past four years, and the LCSO
is hopeful this year’s anniversary will bring new information which will allow
us to solve the case. LCSO Investigators are asking the public for their
assistance in closing this case for the friends and family of Mr. Rives.  Anyone wishing to provide information should
contact the lead investigator Sgt. Mike Narayan at 352-486-5111, Extension
believe that there are numerous individuals that know who is involved in the
murder. Recent leads suggest this murder was planned and intentional and Mr.
Rives was specifically targeted. These witnesses may fear retaliation and have
chosen not to become involved. We are appealing to these witnesses to do what
is right and help bring closure and justice for the family. We strongly
encourage these individuals to utilize Crime Stoppers if they wish to remain
Crime Stoppers of Levy County has authorized a cash award of up to
$1,000.00 for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the person
or persons involved in the murder of Mr. Rives. That information can be
provided anonymously at 1-877-349-8477.