Month: January 2018

Sexual Predator Public Address Notification

January 18, 2018
On January 16, 2018 Robert J. Shilstone registered as a
Sexual Predator with the Levy County Sheriff’s Office. By Florida law Shilstone is required to notify law
enforcement whenever he changes addresses.
Robert J. Shilstone was convicted in 2002 in Gilchrist County, Fl
for Sexual Battery/Coerce by Threat-Child under 12; F.S. 794.011 (4) (b). Shilstone has registered his change in
address as: 16910 NW US Hwy 19, Fanning Springs, Levy County, Florida.
For a complete listing of all
registered sexual predators and offenders residing in Levy County,
or to search by zip code, please visit and go to the sexual
offender data base.
Sexual Predator:
Robert J. Shilstone
16910 NW US Hwy 19          
Fanning Springs, Levy County,
DOB: 9-1-69

Williston Man Arrested for Robbery

January 17, 2018
Sometimes the facts are just the facts and there is no need
to embellish.
On December 23, 2017 a Williston resident “won” an early
Christmas present when his scratch off ticket was a winner. His prize was
$1,000.00. And to celebrate he purchased some spirits from a local shop and
shared his story with his friend. But, the Grinch whom we will call Willie
Sherman (11-3-90), decided that winning ticket was too tempting.  
The victim went to bed after celebrating his winnings, only
to be awakened by Sherman pointing a gun in his face. The victim immediately recognized
the gun as his own and knew it was loaded. Sherman had taken the victim’s keys
while he slept, gone into the victim’s trunk and stolen the winning ticket and
his shotgun. Sherman then stole the victim’s prized knife and other personal
But wait, the weird story doesn’t end here. Sherman was in a
quandary. How do you “cash in” a stolen winning lottery ticket and not get
caught? You find a friend and offer to pay him $50.00. And, to really throw the
cops off their game, have the friend wear women’s clothing when cashing it.
However, Levy County Investigators weren’t deterred. They located
video of the ticket being cashed in and although the disguise did slow their
progress slightly, they were able to identify the fella in drag. He (whom we
can’t identify at this moment) cooperated with investigators and gave up the
Sherman was located and interviewed by Deputy Adam Hiers.
Sherman initially denied knowing the victim, but allowed investigators to
search his room. There investigators found the stolen shotgun and the victim’s
prized knife under Sherman’s mattress. 
Sherman has been arrested and charged with Robbery with a
Firearm, Grand Theft of a Firearm, Grand Theft (for stealing the lottery
ticket) and Burglary of a Conveyance. He is being held at the Levy County
Detention Facility and his bond has been set at $200,000.00.

East Williston Drive-By Shooting


January 12, 2018

 On January 11, 2018 a large
number of deputies and investigators responded to a reported shooting in the
area of County Road 318 and NE 207th Court outside of Williston,
Florida.  The deputies were assisted by
Williston Police Department units and personnel from the Levy County Department
of Public Safety.  Investigators C.J.
Perryman and Scott Stancil were assigned as the lead LCSO investigators. 

Once on scene, deputies located
one elderly male victim suffering from a gunshot wound to the head.  The scene was secured and the victim was transported
to a hospital as a trauma alert patient by the Levy County DPS. 

The investigation revealed that
an unknown person or persons had fired at least 12 rounds from an unknown
firearm into a residence on NE 207th Court.  The victim and another person (who was not
injured) were inside the living room of the residence at the time of the shooting.  Witnesses told investigators that the bullets
had been fired from an unknown type of vehicle that had a loud exhaust system
on it.  The vehicle fled the area prior
to the arrival of law enforcement. 

At this time, deputies have
received very little cooperation from potential witnesses regarding this
incident and the investigation is continuing.  Citizens are encouraged to
report any and all potential leads in order to help prevent future violent
incidents of this type.  Tips can be
reported anonymously to CrimeStoppers at 1-877-349-8477.  These tips can result in a financial reward
that is also paid anonymously.  Callers
can also report tips directly to LCSO Investigator Perryman or Stancil at




“Know Something We
Don’t” Call Crime Stoppers 1-877-349-8477
remain anonymous.



Footchase Results In Arrest



January 12, 2018

 On January 12, 2018 Levy County
Sheriff’s Office Deputies Mike Sinclair and Kellie Ward responded to the area
of 17650 SW 78th Place near Cedar Key, Florida.  The deputies were dispatched to a report of a suspicious
vehicle that had been parked there overnight. 

 The Deputies made contact with a
male subject who was later identified as James Carden (7-24-89).  Carden was accompanied by a female
companion.  Carden initially provided a
false name to Deputy Sinclair.  During
the time the deputies were attempting to verify the identities of the subjects,
Carden attempted to flee on foot.  After
a short foot chase through mud, briars and bushes, Deputy Sinclair caught Carden
and both deputies took him into custody. 
Both deputies suffered minor injuries during the chase.  They also had to change into clean, dry
uniforms to complete their tours of duty. 

After detaining Carden, the
deputies were able to positively identify him. 
They learned that Carden was wanted in Franklin County, Florida.  Carden was arrested for Giving a False Name
to Law Enforcement and Resisting Arrest Without Violence.  Carden is being held at the Levy County
Detention Center and will have his first appearance in court on January 13,
2018.  Carden will face the Franklin
County charges after the resolution of his Levy County case. 




“Know Something We
Don’t” Call Crime Stoppers 1-877-349-8477
remain anonymous.



Subject Arrested in North South Estates

January 9, 2018
The Levy County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations
Division and Drug Task Force members received information that Robert Wayne
Cornwell (12-2-77) had an active warrant from Taylor County for violation of
probation. Cornwell was reported to be at a residence located at 13330 NE 76
Lane in the North South Estates Subdivision. 
Cornwell had violated his probation on the original charge which
stemmed from an investigation in Taylor County for possession of an electronic
device by a convicted felon and attempt to escape. Cornwell also has a prior felony
conviction for solicitation for murder.
Investigators arrived and when they confronted Cornwell he
barricaded himself inside the home with an adult female companion. Cornwell,
who armed himself with a knife, refused to allow the female companion to leave
the home. The female was able to escape shortly after deputies announced their
presence and their intent to arrest Cornwell. The female reported observing
Cornwell ingest an unknown substance before she was able to escape the home. 
Deputies surrounded the home and began negotiations with
Cornwell for his surrender. The stand-off lasted approximately one hour before
he submitted and exited the home. 
In the interim, deputies had to re-route a Levy County
School bus from its normal route of dropping off students. No students were
ever in danger. School Board officials were contacted and were in the process
of arranging an alternate pick up location when Cornwell surrendered. The bus
resumed its route, but the students arrived later than expected at their normal
drop off locations.
Cornwell was transported to a local hospital for treatment related
to his ingestion of the unknown substance. He will be arrested for False
Imprisonment and additional charges.