Month: April 2017

Chiefland High School Student Arrested for Lewd Behavior

April 7, 2017
A 16 year old Chiefland High School student was arrested yesterday by the Levy County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Division after an elementary age student complained of being propositioned by the suspect.
The incident occurred after school on March 30, 2017 on the school bus as the children were being transported from school. Shortly after the incident, the victim told school officials that a high school boy made inappropriate sexual advances.  During the bus ride, the high school boy moved into the seat next to the victim and continued to make advances.
The suspect did not expose himself on the bus. School Resource Deputy Gregory conducted interviews with both the victim and suspected male student before he made the arrest. Jonathon Brice (6-21-2000) of Chiefland was arrested and transported to the Levy County Detention Facility. He has been charged with Lewd and Lascivious Conduct by a Person Under 18. He was transferred to the Department of Juvenile Justice then released to his parents after placing him on house arrest and fitted with an electronic ankle monitor. 
“Know Something We Don’t” Call Crime Stoppers 1-877-349-8477 remain anonymous.

Probationer Buys Alcohol for Minors

April 5, 2017
Billy John Douglas (1-13-58) of Williston was on probation
for a variety of serious felony offenses after his release from prison in 2014.
On February 25 then again on March 4, Mr. Douglas went to Big O’s Liquor store
in Williston and purchased alcoholic beverages for a party. The participants of
this party were between 12 and 17 years old. Supplying minors with alcohol is a
crime. This crime is also a violation of the conditions of his probation.
Douglas was arrested for this violation on March 23, 2017.
However, this is not where the story ends. A mother of one
of the children who attended these parties contacted the Sheriff’s Office to
report children had not only been provided alcohol, but had also been sexually
battered by another party goer.
Investigators interviewed the 15 year old victim and were
able to identify the 16 year old suspect. The victim told investigators she
became inebriated on the alcohol provided by Douglas and also had been smoking
marijuana. She was driven to a secluded location by the suspect identified as
Jesse Dalton Fleming (4-15-2000) where she was forcibly sexually battered. She
told investigators Fleming then took her back to the party and made her get out
of the vehicle. Once inside, she told her friends what happened to her. Friends
confirmed her account of the incident when investigators spoke to them.
Investigators went to Fleming’s home to interview him.
Investigators saw Fleming drive past his home while they were parked in the
driveway. Investigators followed Fleming who turned down a dead end road, but he
was eventually stopped when he drove onto private property. Fleming was acting
very nervous as investigators tried to speak to him about the allegation. Investigators
felt Fleming was attempting to hide contraband before speaking to them. 
Later on this same day while the investigators were
interviewing Fleming, they were contacted by the property owner where Fleming
was stopped. He inquired if there was a problem on his land. Investigators
explained the concerns they had that evidence could have been discarded there.
The property owner called back after he searched his property and told
investigators he located a recently discarded firearm. Investigators recovered the
firearm which had an altered serial number.  
Fleming ultimately confirmed he had thrown the gun from his
car prior to investigators stopping him. He also confirmed he did engage in
intercourse with the female victim.
Fleming was arrested on April 4, 2017 and has been charged
with lewd and lascivious battery on a person 12 or older but less than 16,
possession of a weapon by a person under 18 and possession of an altered
firearm. He was booked in at the Levy County Detention Facility and then released
to the Department of Juvenile Justice.
Douglas was booked into the Levy County Detention Facility
for VOP and will be additionally charged with contributing to the delinquency
of a minor. Douglas has been released to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office
Detention Bureau for the VOP and will appear in Levy County Courts later for
the Contributing to the Delinquency of Minors charge. 

Shared for our Partners at the School Board of Levy County

On April 4, 2017 a staff member at CES located a suspicious
electronic device in a staff restroom at the school.  After contacting law enforcement authorities,
the device was determined to be a miniature video camera.  Unfortunately, the camera had been concealed
in a manner in which to record persons using the toilet facilities. 
School Board and law enforcement personnel from the
Chiefland Police Department and the Levy County Sheriff’s Office immediately
began a criminal investigation. 
Investigators realized that a similar incident had been reported during
the 2016 school year.  They quickly
identified Robert Perez as a suspect. 
The officers were able to develop probable cause to arrest Perez for two
counts of Video Voyeurism.  These are
felony charges and Perez remains in the Levy County Jail on a $700,000.00
Subsequently, investigators executed a search warrant at
Perez’s residence.  A number of items
containing potential evidence were recovered during the search.   Those items will take a significant amount
of time to review. Additionally, law enforcement officers have thoroughly
searched all the restrooms at CES and did not discover any additional cameras.  Investigators determined Perez targeted staff
bathrooms to set up his video equipment. No credible evidence has been uncovered
that any children were targeted for videoing by Perez at this point in the
At this time we believe that Robert Perez was solely
responsible for both camera incidents.  Perez
has been placed on leave without pay and due process procedures are being
followed for termination. Perez has no
prior disciplinary issues since he began his employment with the Levy County
School Board in   9-9-2010.
We do not know the identities or the number of potential
victims who may have been recorded during these criminal acts.  Superintendent Edison has spoken personally
to State Attorney Bill Cervone about these cases.  State Attorney Cervone assured the
Superintendent that his office will take every step possible to protect the
identities of all of the victims and prevent release of the videos after the
completion of the prosecution.
The School Board has and will continue to cooperate fully
with law enforcement and the State Attorney. 
Because this is an ongoing criminal investigation, much of the information
is not available to us.  However, we have
been assured by investigators that they will provide as much information to us
as possible throughout the investigation. 
Any further inquiries should be made to Candy Dean,
Assistant Superintendent, at the School Board of Levy County at 486-5231.

Suspicious Persons Call Nets 3 Arrests

April 4, 2017
Levy County deputies were dispatched to West Country Club
Drive on the outskirts of Williston late Sunday night, April 2nd to a
suspicious persons call. The reporting person believed a burglary had just
occurred. When deputies arrived at 265 West Country Club Drive they discovered
much more.
Deputy Garboski approached the home and smelled burning
marijuana near the front door. He then walked along the front of the house
making sure no windows had been broken out in order for someone to gain entry
and smelled the strong odor of growing (raw) marijuana near a bedroom window.
Deputy Garboski then contacted and spoke to the home owner, Ethan Cummings
(3-8-96) and his wife, Kenya Dingler-Quintero (2-19-96). Both admitted to
smoking and growing marijuana inside the home.
Deputy Garboski searched the home and discovered a small
scale marijuana growing operation in the south west bedroom. He found 695.5
grams of marijuana, some dried and packaged for sale, scales for weighing the
marijuana and plastic containers for packaging the marijuana in the room.
Deputy Garboski then spoke to the couple’s roommate,
Christopher Wiggins (11-16-95). Wiggins admitted he knew about the growing
operation but did not participate. But, Wiggins did have 4 grams of marijuana
in his room.
All three subjects were arrested and transported to the Levy
County Detention Facility. Cummings and Dingler-Quintero were charged with
cultivation of cannabis, possession of cannabis with the intent to distribute
and possession of drug equipment. Their bonds have been set at $135,000.00.
Wiggins was charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, both
misdemeanors and his bond was set at $2,000.

Cedar Key Woman Arrested for Burglary

April 3, 2017
On Friday, March 31, 2017 at approximately 1100 a Chiefland
resident returned home to find a strange car parked in his driveway. The
homeowner noticed a female standing next to the car and spoke to her. During
his conversation he noticed a stool placed underneath a bedroom window and the
window was opened. He also noticed a clothes hamper next to the widow with some
of his belonging in it. Our resident immediately called 911 and went inside.
The female was unable to leave the yard with her vehicle
because our resident had blocked her in with his vehicle. Deputies were
responding and just prior to their arrival, the female ran through the back
yard to escape. Our resident had in-fact interrupted the female in the act of
breaking into his home.
Deputies canvassed the area for several hours attempting to
locate and arrest this woman. The homeowner was able to identify the female as
Amanda Spivey (11-23-88) from a photograph investigating deputies accessed on
their in-car computers. It also helped that Ms. Spivey left her vehicle there,
as the tag was registered in her name.
Several hours later deputies located Ms. Spivey in the area
of the south Chevron in Chiefland. She was arrested and booked into the Levy County
Detention Facility. Ms. Spivey has been charged with armed burglary (she armed
herself with a knife from the victims’ home) and grand theft. Her bond was set
at $21,000 the following morning at first appearance.