Month: April 2017

Burn Ban

April 25, 2017

The Levy County Board of County Commissioners has enacted Emergency
Declaration 2017-018 and Emergency Order 2017-019 establishing a burn ban
throughout the unincorporated areas of Levy County. This is an executive
emergency order due to the extreme dry conditions that affect our county. Levy
County has suffered massive losses in the past from unintentional fires caused
by unattended or irresponsibly set fires. DO NOT burn yard debris, trash or
other unwanted items around your homes during this time. Due to these current
conditions, fires will rapidly spread out of control and could endanger lives.  

This Emergency Order establishes this violation is a second degree
misdemeanor pursuant to Section 252.50, Florida Statutes.

Anyone having questions are asked to contact the Division of Forestry at


Upcoming Event – Annual Williston Crab Fest

April 24, 2017
Citizens are reminded this coming weekend, April 29, 2017,
is East Williston’s annual Crab Fest. Citizens and motorist are reminded
traffic patterns will be altered on CR 318 during the event. Motorists should
expect heavy traffic in and around CR 318 and US Hwy Alt 27 beginning at approximately
2 pm until the event ends. Motorists not planning on attending this event
should avoid the area if possible. There will be a heavy presence of law enforcement
in the area and motorists are urged to use caution and follow all traffic laws.
Travel safe.

He Fought the LAW and the LAW Won!!

April 19, 2017
A Levy County Deputy found himself in a fight for his safety
late Monday evening. A female called the LCSO Communication Division and
requested help from a deputy to remove a male acquaintance from her property.
When the deputy arrived, he spoke to the complainant who told him the male
identified as Thomas William Ruble (7-26-86) from Indiana had overstayed his
welcome. The deputy attempted to speak to Ruble and was met with threats of
violence directed toward both the female and him. During this encounter Ruble
spat in the complainant’s face then ran into the home.
Our deputy gave chase and apprehended Ruble in the kitchen
area of the home. Ruble initially complied with commands to surrender, but
immediately resisted when the deputy attempted to cuff him. Ruble initially
placed his hands in his pockets and refused commands to “show his hands.” When
our deputy took control of Ruble’s arm/hand Ruble lunged for kitchen knives
within arm’s reach in an opened dishwasher. Our deputy was able to control Ruble
and take him to the ground but the fight continued. The deputy was battle bruised,
his uniform ripped, brass stripped from his vest and Taser ripped from its
holster but he persevered. Deputy Ryan Park, a newcomer to the LCSO family, was
able to restrain Ruble on the living-room floor until backup arrived some 10
minutes later. Deputy Park was unable to call for emergency assistance because
any attempt to reach for his radio would have allowed Ruble to escape his grip
and continue the fight.
Corporal Tom Martin arrived and immediately rushed to Deputy
Park’s assistance. But, Ruble still was not willing to give up. He continued to
fight with both deputies until he was ultimately overpowered and cuffed. But,
still he fought. Ruble was eventually at the receiving end of Corporal Martin’s
Taser when he refused to get into the deputy’s patrol car to be transferred to
the Detention Facility. Still he fought. Shortly after being escorted into our
jail, Ruble fought with Detention Staff and was Tasered again.
Because of the violent nature of Ruble’s behavior inside the
facility, he was not seen at first appearance the following morning. Therefore,
no bond was assigned. Ruble has been charged with battery for spitting in the
complainant’s face, two counts of battery on a law enforcement officer,
depriving an officer a means of protection or communication and resisting
arrest with violence. Ruble was first appeared this morning, April 19, 2017,
and his bond was set at $675,000.00.
Investigators located items believed to be drug
paraphernalia when conducting a follow up investigation. Investigators tested
these items and they tested positive for PCP. This could explain Ruble’s
sustained superhuman strength during the fight. Deputies never know what they
will encounter during a tour of duty and this is a perfect example of why
maintaining excellent physical fitness saved Deputy Park from injury.

Search for Shooting Suspects Continues

April 18, 2017
The search for the home invasion suspects involved in the
shooting in Rosewood continues. Investigators and Deputies with the Levy County
Sheriff’s Office aided by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Aviation Unit have
conducted an intensive search of the wooded area in the unincorporated area of
Levy County known as Rocky Hammock. Investigators report they have credible
information the suspects are NO LONGER
in this area and have fled. Investigators are currently following up on leads.
This investigation continues and updates will be released when they become
Sheriff McCallum thanks all of our citizens for their
patience as we continue to work this case to a resolution.  

Warrant Sweep in Inglis – Guns and Drugs Found

Jason E. Adams

Kristi Hudak

Michael Samples
April 11, 2017
On April 6, 2017 LCSO deputies working with United States
Marshal’s deputies conducted a warrants sweep in the Inglis area of Levy
County. Three subjects were arrested for outstanding warrants and taken to
The operation began the day before as deputies gathered
information on one particular wanted subject. Jason Eric Adams (10-25-94) was
wanted for three outstanding warrants and was a current suspect in an ongoing
robbery investigation. Deputies went to a home on Linda Street that Adams was
known to frequent. Deputies did not find Adams there, but did find a stash of
guns, drugs and used syringes. These items were seized, and the investigation
based on this discovery is still on-going.
Adams was located a short time later at a home on Debra
Street. He was hanging out with a female associate, Kristi Rose Hudak (4-21-85)
who was also wanted for an outstanding Citrus County Violation of Probation warrant.
Both Adams and Hudak were arrested and transported to the Levy county Detention
Later this same morning, deputies located and arrested
Michael Samples (3-15-88). Samples gave deputies a false name and when his true
identity was discovered, they found that he was wanted in Citrus County for a Failure
to Appear warrant. Samples was additionally charged with providing false
information to law enforcement and transported to the Levy County Detention
Sheriff McCallum said he is aware of the growing drug
related issues in the Inglis area of our county. He has vowed to continue the
fight against drug abuse and crimes associated with this nationwide affliction.
“It is cooperative operations like these of which I’m proud to be a part. The
men and women of this office work tirelessly in the fight against criminals
that move into our community. I am honored to be your Sheriff and my top
priority is to make our citizens safe. These deputies were able to take three
wanted criminals off our streets and take their guns and drugs from them.”
Any citizen who has information about criminal activity in
their community is urged to call our office and report your suspicions. Our
communications officers are always on duty and can be reached at 352-486-5111.
Anyone who wishes to report crime and remain anonymous can call Crime Stoppers
at 1-877-349-8477.